Do you have friends who compromise the fun of the group to enjoy their ego? Not only do the “eccentric” friends you know need to do everything a little differently, but they are special and unique, there And do you just order regular coffee, CLIVE?

Oh, I’m sorry. Anyway, the point is that Ion must die!Openly and positively differentBut unfortunately, instead of refreshing the procedure, it’s a way to highlight its shortcomings. It’s trying hard to impress the super-large, but it’s a bit off — as the kids say — it’s wrinkled.

The story is presented in a constant cutscene of dull, boring and mediocre dialogue. You play as a creature of the race known as Star Spawn, possessed by the spirit of the evil Emperor Aeon. Or something like that. The story of the game isn’t very interesting, so I finally started skipping cutscenes and mashed up as soon as the “B” button appeared. Frankly, we refuse you to do anything else. Besides, this is a fighting game, not a visual novel.

Visually, it throws bones by generously admitting that coarse black and generally dark palettes work well with the new Switch OLED. Outside of this benefit brought by the brilliant new hardware, however, it’s a bit of a situation. It would be ridiculous not to admire praiseworthy items such as stylish menus, but no one buys video games for them.

In the game, the character looks blurry and obscure — strangely, this is Intentionally At first glance, not a technical issue. Character design generally feels “edgy”, all the harsh angles, fiery energy, and screams, but it’s all chunky. There is nothing to invest in, and there is no real humanity. And since the theme of ownership is in play, you’ll think they’ll strive to do so.

In terms of performance, the game is in an unusual position to work very well, Also Horrible. You see, it works perfectly with both handheld and docking, but it’s “perfect” for the ion mast die! Hmm … there is unevenness at best. Animated at a relatively low frame rate, all movements are lead and feel uncomfortable. It’s like streaming, lagging behind the actual input. Watch instead of play. We best describe it as a feeling of being cut off. This is far from ideal for such a demanding game.

Most of the gameplay (well, the whole) is fighting, but this is not a belt crawler like the Streets of Rage 4. The single lane system here is quite repetitive and it doesn’t even get in. How likely are the fights to feel the same? Sure, there are a lot of movements and throws, but none really feels good to do. The same overleading sensation of movement also infiltrates the battle, dulling the sensation of any punch or kick. Of course, you have your combos, your specials, but our willingness to actually use them lacked in view of proper repetition and frankly confusing systems.

In combat, there are normal attacks and heated flame-based attacks. The latter raises the bar, and when it’s full, it overheats, becomes more powerful, and is more susceptible to single hit kills.On the contrary, you can enter the opposite situation that weakens you Also The result is a single hit kill situation. Therefore, you will find that you juggle heated and unheated attacks in a way that you feel will take longer than tactics. If only one encounters an enemy that could be damaged, things should recover, but they simply don’t recover because “engaging” doesn’t necessarily mean “fun”. The elements of a good game are here, but if core fighting isn’t very interesting and you find it very slow to play, parrying, avoiding, throwing, and unlocking additional movements and skills all makes no sense.


Aeon Must Die! It’s really hard to look at the balance and know exactly what everyone can get from it. It’s repetitive, constantly uninteresting, and frustrating at the basic level.We certainly played a worse game, and it deserves some credit simply because it has So many ideas, But none of them are good — or at least none of them are performed with the level of skill needed to make them work. It is a pity. We feel like an ion mast die because of the more sophisticated and tighter clutches and the willingness to throw away the non-functional ones! It may be quite special. At present, there is no level that can be enthusiastically recommended.