Speed ​​running has been an integral part of the gaming community for decades. People may rely on glitches and exploits to “break” the game, but often when learning internal and external mechanisms to identify the most efficient route from A to B. Aeon Drive is all speed running.It’s that hook and it’s good one.

In this game in Neo Barcelona’s cyberpunk environment, space ranger Jackerin is desperately rushing through the city to find a drive core to repair a ship. Armed with a sword and a teleport dagger, you need to take Jackerin to a wide variety of levels. They all sport different routes with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Competing for levels is enough, but in the game it’s a good idea to implement a 30-second timer for each level to move as quickly as possible. When the timer reaches zero, the game is over and you have to start over (there is a small inconvenience due to the small level scale and fast loading speed). Thankfully, you can pick up egg timers scattered throughout the level to offset the countdown. If you can pick up 5 in a row fast enough, you can activate their power and immediately add 5 seconds to your timer. In theory it sounds like a small, trivial boost, but if you’re just a few feet away from your final goal, these extra seconds make all the difference.

Support narratives at Aeon Drive are at best distracting, but the gameplay presented here is an absolute pleasure if you understand everything. At first there is a little learning curve. To maintain speed and momentum, you need to learn jumps, slides, sword swings, and teleportation dagger chucking at the right time. There are many things to incorporate, but once each mechanic lands and becomes a simple part of muscle memory, it’s easy to get through the stage.

Teleportation daggers ultimately set Ion Drive apart from other speed running platformers. Basically, tap “A” along the intended direction with an analog stick to throw it at any wall within range. It stays locked until you tap “A” again to teleport to the dagger. It’s like a futuristic grappling hook.You can use a dagger to avoid obstacles such as deadly lasers and bottomless drops, but add incredible momentum, especially when you can throw it. The right place at the right time, You can effectively skip a significant part of the stage with a single quick motion. It’s incredibly satisfying.

Jackerin is quite agile at his feet, but still very vulnerable to enemy damage and obstacles.Just be struck one time As we return to the beginning of the level, we need to complete each stage as fast as possible, as well as do it in one perfect run. Not surprisingly, it’s important to learn each step like the back of your hand when climbing an online leaderboard, such as enemy placement, the best place to throw a dagger, especially if you can jump over long gaps. .. Many more. The value of the replay here is clear. Especially if you are competitive and have a compulsive nature.

Visually, the game is absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous pixel graphics displaying levels and excellent level details in each background. There is little change in the overall aesthetic except for the various color palettes, but we argue that anything more than that risks interfering with gameplay. A little customization has been added to Jackelyne’s own color palette (mainly when playing in the optional multiplayer mode), but there is little incentive to choose a particular color when playing for yourself (yellow hair option). Often used); She looks like a super saiyan!).

Speaking of multiplayer, story mode allows up to four people to work together to play the game, and additional PvP mode allows you to play against up to three local competitors. Unfortunately, local play is the only option at this time, but online play is underway in a future update. However, the good news is that the performance of the game is almost perfect, whether you’re playing it yourself or with friends, with a stable frame rate and minimal load times. That is.

Our last cry goes to the game outstanding soundtrack. The cyberpunk atmosphere is evident in the music, which has a transient resemblance to Purturbator’s work, with sweeping synth notes and vibrant basslines. It’s really great and is the perfect accompaniment to your perfect second shaving run.


Ion drive is not very There are modern platform classics like Celeste, but they’re still pretty close. The story won’t win a prize, but it’s just the background behind the great gameplay offered. Backed by solid performance and a minimal loading screen, it’s refreshing to run through levels as you jump, slide, and teleport in a maze-like environment. With the addition of an online leaderboard that will satisfy your competitiveness and multiplayer to launch, Aeon Drive is an absolutely remarkable speed running victory.