Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Aegean Treasure, Time Loop Action Adventure, Now Available

Aegean treasure An exhilarating historical action thriller set in the mysterious sunken Sera Island. Marie Taylor is the hero of the story and a great treasure hunter looking for ancient relics in collaboration with her fellow historian James Andrew. But on this particular expedition, they gradually begin to unravel the lost secrets of a forgotten kingdom tragically trapped in an endless time loop.

Aegean treasure Provides players with beautiful hand-painted artwork inspired by European cartoon styles like The Adventures of Tintin.. Explore the lost island of Serra and discover what happened to the Minoan civilization, and the stunning artwork blends perfectly with the captivating soundtrack.

As you dig deeper into this gorgeous, non-linear open world and begin to uncover the hidden secrets of Serra, you’ll also be able to retrieve valuable relics scattered throughout the island. Gathering new clues in each time loop is very important as it helps to stitch together the island’s secrets to complete the ancient prophecies.

Glide through steep hills, climb high walls, rock vines, jump over obstacles and dangerous crevices and navigate challenging and tricky terrain. Every corner of the island hides artifacts and puzzle pieces that need to be solved to save the world from tragedy and prevent history from repeating forever.

Aegean treasure Main functions:

Time-loop action-adventure, engaging soundtracks with atmosphere, hundreds of treasures to discover and collect, puzzle solving, parkour-style gameplay and more. Aegean treasure You can download it now!

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Aegean treasure

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What happened to the Minoan civilization? Parker Master Marie Taylor and Treasure Hunter James Andrew join the historic action thriller to uncover the secrets of a tragicly trapped and forgotten kingdom and an endless time loop. Explore a beautifully hand-painted, non-linear open world, retrieve valuable relics, chart lost islands, and collect new clues in every loop to complete ancient prophecies. Unravel the mysteries and mysteries that offended the old gods to prevent history from repeating forever. The secret of the Minoan civilization. In 1639 BC, a powerful explosion devastated the Minoan civilization and sank the volcanic island of Serra, the birthplace of their empire. History seems to be repeating as the island must resurface and new cataclysms occur. Why was the Minoan civilization so advanced in their time? Did King Minos foresee their death? Is it possible to stop the new eruption of Serra? There is only one way to find it! A sunken island trapped in time. Hidden in the deep sea for thousands of years, Serra Island is full of historic treasures to collect and mysteries to decipher. Discover the lost Minoan fortress, pass through Ottoman’s sunken fleet, open the door to the underground palace, and discover more about the people who lived there and their tragic fate. Use glitches to protect permanent map information and solve important puzzles in time before the world explodes and the loop resumes! Timing, accuracy, solve puzzles. Surf steep slopes, climb high walls, jump over obstacles, swing vines, jump through deep holes and explore a hand-painted open world. Parkour through the many terrain and embark on an action-packed adventure. Hidden in every corner of the island are relics, clues, or puzzle pieces that need to be resolved to save the world from disasters. You’re not the only one on the island … Marie Taylor is the hero of the story and a great treasure hunter looking for ancient relics in collaboration with her fellow historian James Andrew. But this time, we know that we are not the only ones who know the Minoan scoop. Long-time rivals have emerged to bring back the ghosts of the past and make things even more complicated. • Time Loop Adventure • Atmospheric Soundtrack • Hundreds of Treasures to Discover • European Comic Art Style • Puzzle Solving • Parkour Gameplay • Historical Thriller Story