Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Adorable Limited Edition Holiday Goods for Super Nintendo World

image: Nintendo

If you’re lucky, if you can visit Japan’s Super Nintendo World during your holidays, you’ll get a nice limited edition product.If you are no Luckily enough to visit, like us, these images show what you are showing can Sadly you will have to do it.

Visitors can get new holiday goods such as mushrooms and star earmuffs (which aren’t perfect in our eyes anymore), pairs of mushroom gloves, and superstar hot yuzu lemonade.Thanks to these new images, you can check them all yourself below Shared by IGN:

The park in Osaka hasn’t had the best time lately due to the Yoshi fire last month, so I hope these new items will help boost the festive mood.

If anyone wants to send us a pair of those earmuffs, we definitely don’t say no.