Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Adorable hamster-car animation “Pui Pui Molcar” switches in Japan

Pui Pui Molcar is a must-see if you enjoy stop-motion animations and fluffy stuff, or want to know more about another universe where the car is a hamster. Or vice versa. It’s as confusing as adorable.

Tie-up game, Pui Pui Molcar Let’s have a molcar party!Was announced for Switch in Japan and Asia on the release date of December 16th.

The game, as the title suggests, is all about parties. Your molcar (hamster ride) will find a leaflet promoting a place called “Moltown”. Molker discovers that it is a “barren burg”, as Bandai Namco says.

PUI PUI Molcar Holds Molker Party
PUI PUI Molcar Holds Molker Party

With the power of the party, Molker can bring the town back to its former glory. It takes the form of 10 mini-games that can be played by up to 4 players. There are over 40 molcars in the game, and you can feed, keep pets, and wear small hats just like a real car.

The physical version and the collector version, including the plush toys, have some early purchase bonuses.

The game is Asian only, but there are English options.