Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Add new modes, characters, maps, etc. among us

© Innersloth

Between us It was a big success last year and continues to be successful. There is no doubt that it was released on Switch eShop to expand its loyal player base, which undoubtedly helped it further. Developer Innersloth is now making a short presentation as part of Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, which confirms a series of new content and features for the game-there is no release date yet, but hope it will not be too far away.

The Big Secret is a new mode-hide and seek! Needless to say, this is perfect for the title.

In addition, two new characters, the sheriff and the scientist, are also shown, and a new map is being produced (but not actually shown). There will also be new colors, cosmetics and achievements along the way.

If you are still joining us with friends, and you are excited about the upcoming additions, please let us know!