Monday, January 17th, 2022

Activision apologizes and removes “insensitive” Quran page from Call of Duty: Vanguard

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Activision has announced an apology after the “insensitive” use of the Islamic scriptures of the Koran was included on the floor of the Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies map. The image has been removed from the game.

Call of Duty: After the launch of Vanguard, many players have noticed that the game contains various pages of the Quran scattered on the floor of the zombie map. The pages of the scriptures have been arranged so that players can step on them while engaged in gun battles. Putting a copy of the Quran on the floor was considered rude, and the scattered pages caused protests and even demanded a boycott of the game.

As noted in a tweet by CharlieIntel (below), the publisher will then apologize for including the content on the map and will address the issue with the responsible person to prevent a similar situation in the future. It states. “Call of Duty is made for everyone,” Activision said in its statement.

“It was removed from the game last week because it accidentally contained insensitive content in the Islamic community. It didn’t look like it was in-game. We deeply apologize. Deal with the situation internally. We are taking immediate steps to prevent such a situation in the future. “

Since revealing the material, many players have spoken across social media to support the Islamic community on this issue. Following Activision’s statement, game developer Rami Ismail thought about this topic. “It’s nice to see people apologize for the absolutely unnecessary and unnecessary inclusion of the Quranic text that they can walk around,” the developer said in a tweet.

It’s not the first time in a few years that franchises have been questioned about their cultural insensitivity. 2019, BBC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reported seeing a wave of negative reviews about Metacritic, which users claim the game is trying to rewrite history and promote anti-Russian propaganda.At that time, Activision was a game It did not represent a real-world event.

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