The Osaka Prefectural Police Department in Japan is using Ace Attorney characters as part of a campaign to tackle children’s use of marijuana.

and Capcom press releaseThe company has announced that it is working with the Osaka Prefectural Police Department’s juvenile delinquency prevention awareness program to produce 6,000 posters and 4,000 leaflets featuring characters from Ace Attorney. The poster depicts the “objection” of Ace Attorney. A stance with a big “NO!” Written in an instantly recognizable font.

According to Capcom, the Osaka Prefectural Police have contacted the company to request the use of Ace Attorney characters as part of a new anti-cannabis campaign. Police are now promoting anti-drug messages to children after witnessing a “significant change to the younger age group” in marijuana use cases.

The leaflets will be distributed from December 9th at educational institutions, police boxes, and stations in Osaka Prefecture, along with individually wrapped face masks.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles E32021 Screenshot

This is the first time that Ace Attorney characters have been used as part of a police project, but Capcom has previously worked with law enforcement agencies and prefectural police in the Kansai region to prevent Tamura police stations and traffic safety. I have raised my awareness. Other projects.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.