Saturday, July 24th, 2021

According to the person who designed the packaging, this is why the NES Zelda was sold for $870,000

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Back when Nintendo first conquered the living room with the NES, one of the key components of success was the brand—GIRVIN Design led by Tim Gervin.

The company worked with Nintendo to create the “look” of the NES brand, from packaging design to the type of font used on the case and box. Girvin worked with this Japanese company to develop Game Boy, SNES and even Virtual Boy, leaving a considerable legacy-this legacy also includes the iconic The Legend of Zelda Packing with golden trolley and profile box design.

As the seal and mint copies were sold at auction for a jaw-dropping $870,000, the original Zelda has recently become news. Collection story Get in touch with Girvin and ask him why he thinks this game has reached such an amazing price:

In my opinion, the concept of video game cassettes sold at such an amazing price is actually about heritage and experience. People have deep memories of their experience as players-and Zelda, in her own way, is an exploration of the mythological dimension. This is a deep heritage in the broad consciousness of mankind-journeys, epic opponents, return to homeland, adventures in other fields of experience.

In a way, as the great mythologist Joseph Campbell put it: “…Put yourself on a track that has been waiting for you, the life you should live is the life you are living. Follow your happiness, don’t be afraid, the door will open where you don’t know.

Go out, take risks, find dreams, discover treasures, and return to the fire of your creation. Game-any game that uses a metaphorical way to realize the dream of another place, a different door to new discoveries and exploreable worlds-there may be risks, there may be treasures-some value that can be brought back, even if In this dream, to another more private place, we define as our safe place-home.

This is a very deep answer, we are not sure quite It explains why such a common game is sold at such a high price when a copy is easily available at a low price (and can also be obtained digitally), but Girvin is likely to make a difference here.If Zelda is your favorite game, and you happen to have $870,000 in idle and you don’t need it, then you are very likely may It feels like spending all your money on the best copy of the game you can find. We are not saying that we will do it ourselves, but we can (somewhat) see the thought process. kind of.

Then Girvin revealed that he might have placed some mint copies of the game around the house:

TFTC: Wouldn’t you happen to have a box of this stuff somewhere?

Grid: Yes, I do have some of these things-they are all in the warehouse.

TFTC: Have you considered selling some of them on Heritage Auctions in the future?

Grid: Yes, wouldn’t it be something?

Now, how much do you think the sealed copy of Zelda signed by the person behind the famous profile box will sell at auction? The answer on the postcard (or in the comments below, both are good).