Saturday, June 12th, 2021

According to Sega Sammy’s 2021 fiscal year sales data, Sonic is still healthy and healthy


If someone has told you that Sonic is dead, then it is far from the truth. Sega Sammy released the latest unit sales data for the 2021 fiscal year, and it seems that the company’s long-term mascot is in sight.

Yes, even after 30 years, the blue blur is still the company’s main business-in the past fiscal year, his “full game department sales” peaked in the fourth quarter, exceeding 4 million marks.This puts him ahead of Sega’s franchise Total War with Football manager.

This Character The series (provided by Sega subsidiary Atlus) ranked fourth with 3 million sales, followed by “other” games, such as Yakuza: Like a dragon with Two point hospital.

Perhaps the most interesting in the Sonic section is the mention Sonic generation.Although only the name is cited, it seems that the performance of the 2011 version may be better than most cases Newer 3D input Sonic Force. Sonic Racing Team, Sonic mania with Mario & Sonic participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics It also played a role in Sonic’s continued success.

All of these are from last year Sonic the Hedgehog The movie will be followed by a sequel in 2022. So, right there-Sonic is still alive, even though some people on the Internet always tell us that he is done. In the past year, have you purchased a Sonic game? What other titles does Sega have? Leave a comment below.