Sunday, July 25th, 2021

According to reports, the Switch OLED upgrade has made Nintendo “over $10 per unit”

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When a new and Slightly Announce the improved system and see how much it costs compared to the existing model, which has roughly the same functionality.

As far as the Switch OLED is concerned, it will be $50 higher than the price of the original hybrid model-the total amount is as high as $350. If it makes you wonder how much Nintendo will end up spending, read on…

Bloomberg published a new story about the upcoming system, which details the price to make it. The new system clearly makes the Japanese video game giant “$10 more per unit.”

As far as the failure of a single component is concerned-it is believed that a new Samsung OLED screen will cost about US$3 to US$5 each, an additional US$3.50 is required to upgrade storage, and other components such as LAN ports and improved brackets require an additional payment of a few US dollars.

The Switch is already profitable, so if it succeeds, this will only further increase Nintendo’s profit margins. Bloomberg contacted a Nintendo spokesperson about the price breakdown, and sure enough, they declined to comment.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model will debut with Metroid Dread on October 8.