Monday, September 20th, 2021

According to reports, the Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is about to switch

Image: Rock Star

Since the launch of Nintendo Switch, people have always had high hopes Some kind The Grand Theft Auto port on the system, many people want to know if Grand Theft Auto V Will enter the mixing system.However, now Kotaku Shared a report indicating that another long-rumored version is about to be released to Switch and other systems.

The report pointed out that the development of the GTA remake of the trilogy is nearing completion, and Switch has become a supported platform along with other game consoles, PCs and even mobile devices.The included games are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, The remaster project mixes old and new assets through Unreal Engine.

According to reports, the studio responsible for the project was Rockstar Dundee, and before the acquisition was Ruffian Games, a team with a record of major publishing and remake work. Like many projects, it has obviously experienced some delays and planned changes in the past year, and the report states that it is ready for release in late October/November. It is said that the trilogy will appear in a complete package, Potentially As a download-only product.

In any case, this will be the first GTA version on Nintendo hardware because it is very decent Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown War The way back On DS, so it will definitely be a noteworthy arrival.

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