Sunday, July 25th, 2021

According to reports, the developer behind one of the best SNES emulators in the world has passed away

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According to reports, near, The developer behind the excellent SNES emulator National Bureau of Statistics, Tragically ended his life.

Near-also known as “byuu” and “Dave” in the past, and self-proclaimed non-binary-posted a Twitter post over the weekend, disclosing the bullying and harassment they received online.

Since the statement was issued, some Twitter fans have tried to get in touch with Near, who lives in Japan, through the US Embassy. An anonymous acquaintance later reported through a mutual friend that Near had passed away (we chose not to link to this statement because it contained distressing details).

Near’s work in the field of retro game preservation and simulation is excellent. Work on BSNES began in 2004 with the goal of making an emulator as accurate as possible. Earlier versions of BSNES were slow to run on anything but top-level hardware, but, because Near doubled its efforts and actually took off the SNES chips to understand them better, it has become the gold standard for SNES emulators , Has 100% compatibility with the entire SNES library. However, despite focusing on its own emulator, Near took time to help the developers of SNES9X to improve the project.

In addition to emulation, Near is also a major force in the field of protection, and even purchased the entire SNES / Super Famicom series in North America and Japan so that they can discard them and ensure that the ROM is as faithful as possible. Near also spent many years trying to Bahamut Lagoon, A Squaresoft Super Famicom RPG that has never been released outside of Japan.

speak vice, Recent explanation:

I have tried this fan translation five times. The reason I restart every time is because I learn more and feel that I can do better. The reason I posted the fifth attempt is because I no longer believe that there is anything that can be improved.

Near also created what many people think is the best translation of the title of Super Famicom De Langrieser, Another game that has never been released in the West.

Near’s personal site includes the following Autobiography, Where they stated that they were driven by “overwhelming motivation to achieve perfection”:

Personality wise, I am a INTJ-T. I like to stay in my own space, and I don’t usually contact others first. I work alone, but when I have friends around me supporting me, I will be at my best. I tend to be too sensitive and self-critical. I am not the best at social etiquette, but I am doing my best to deal with these challenges. I value honesty above politeness, and reason above emotion. I have a strong desire to understand everything and the overwhelming drive to pursue perfection, which often allows me to achieve everything by myself.

I find that I will not be satisfied unless I am solving problems that exceed my limits and are always seeking to increase my knowledge and abilities. You will almost always find that I am doing something because I don’t like leisure time.

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