Saturday, June 12th, 2021

A strange thing cross-promotion is on the way to the sacred MOBA Smite

There are many great free games on Nintendo Switch, one of which is worth your time is the artifact of Hi-Rez Studios Thump.

It debuted on the eShop in 2019, and its content has been launched ever since.In the latest update, the official social media account is teasing “something”, which according to the attached picture is some kind of Strange things Cross promotion.

Stranger Things has gone through a series of cross-promotions-so it’s no surprise to see it is doing another one.The other one we heard last week was related to Died of sunlight, We must admit that this seems more appropriate.

When more content is announced at the Summer Game Festival, we will see how this crossover game of Smite X Stranger Things is successful.

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