Saturday, July 31st, 2021

A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has just been sold for a record-breaking $1.56 million

Last weekend, the world record for the highest price video game sales was completely broken, an extremely rare copy The Legend of Zelda Sold on the NES for an astonishing price of $870,000.This is a number that most of us cannot understand, and we never expected the sales of video games to be so high once. But now this 870,000 dollars sounds boring.

Yesterday, the record was broken again, this time a flawless copy sealed by Nintendo 64’s Super Mario 64. The game was sold for an incredible $1,560,000, and it’s just, well… what?

The sale occurs at Cultural Relics Auction, Who has this to say about the sealed game:

Super Mario 64-Wata 9.8 A++ sealed, N64 Nintendo 1996 United States.

“Well-we are a bit speechless about this. What else can we say to make this copy fair? The cultural significance of this title and its importance to the history of video games is the most important, and this copy is so amazing , So that we are really at a loss here. If you have made up your mind to get the highest-level copy of the best-selling single video game on Nintendo 64-the first 3D adventure of the Nintendo mascot, Mario-we only have one Recommendation: This is not a wasted opportunity.”

Someone indeed Did not let this opportunity go to waste. This is a close observation of the front and back of the box. It’s cool, but 1.5 million dollars? !