Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

A patch aimed at fixing Konami’s Winning Eleven is delayed

After the disastrous launch of eFootball, Konami promised patch 0.9.1 to fix many of the reported issues. Unfortunately, the fix has been postponed to early November.

Konami was originally scheduled for October 28th, twitter The fix will not arrive until an unspecified date in early November.

The tweet says: “We are pleased to inform all users that we have decided to postpone the release of version 0.9.1 to early November. We apologize for any delays and inconveniences. We hope it will take longer. All Improve the user experience.

“We’ll let you know the date and details of the fix as soon as it’s confirmed. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work on improving the game and look forward to your cooperation in eFootball 2022.”

The launch version of eFootball, which Konami claimed as a demo of the upcoming game, was launched with a variety of issues, including glitches, poor AI, and some very inaccurate player models. According to an ongoing review, “eFootball has a lot of work to do on the pitch to get people to actually want to play,” with a provisional score of 3/10.

eFootball is a complete rebrand of the Pro Evolution Soccer series for many years, eliminating the annual paid release of a free-to-play structure. It was not a promising start to that new era.

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