Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

A new mother tribute comic has been released and pre-orders have started in Japan later this month

You may remember the newspaper (owned) almost every May last year. mother Series creator Shigesato Itoi) has launched the “Hobonichi Mother Project”.

It was included Pollyanna Toby Fox (including Toby Fox) A tribute comic featuring cartoons and illustrations by 35 cartoonists and writers.Undertale). With this update, Pollyanna 2 has been announced.

Pre-orders will begin in Japan on October 21st later this month, and the book will go on sale October 28th. Toby Fox is back!

You can see the first cartoon of our original post.

What do you think of this second mother tribute comic? What other EarthBound / Mother related announcements would you like to see? Please comment below.