Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

A new Kirby game that appears to have been leaked ahead of Nintendo Direct

Perhaps Kirby: A new Kirby game called Kirby’s Dream Land seems to have been leaked ahead of today’s Nintendo Direct.

Found in Nintendo Japan release schedule NS ResetEra User Sentence (Image below), Game art It seems that Kirby is showing in front of the grassy cityscape. The Last of Us: Kirby Edition, Who?

No further information is available, except for the fact that it will be a physical and downloadable game, and the official page of the game is not yet available. The title “Discovery of the Stars” is a machine translation of the Japanese name of the game and is subject to change in releases in Europe and the United States.

This is the first mainline Kirby game since Kirby Star Allies in 2018, and has been called “the fun of four desperate players who constantly explode thanks to countless combinations of allies.” rice field. Then came the fighting game Spin-off Kirby Fighters 2 in 2019.

Today’s Nintendo Direct will air at 3:00 pm Pacific Time / 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time / 11:00 pm UK (8 am AEST on September 24th). It’s 40 minutes long and focuses on the games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter.

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