Friday, September 17th, 2021

A nearly legendary Castlevania Beta just shared online

Picture: Konami

Castlevania It appeared in the news very late, but not for reasons you might expect.No, Konami has not released a new video game in this popular series, but it have Keep this name alive through the excellent Netflix series. Since the launch of the Dreamcast introductory demo, we also saw Castlevania swallow a few inches of pillars-this is a game that has never been completed.

Sticking to this topic, the pre-release version of Castlevania: Bloodline (Beta 0.5) Recently shared on the Internet, giving game fans a chance to try some content that did not enter the final product, such as the famous airship level that was shown in some previews at that time.

according to Castlevania Wiki:

The second is Beta version 0.5, which was known earlier than the previous Beta version and leaked to the Castlevania Dungeon forum in 2014. This version was apparently provided as a preview version of the game magazine before the game was released, and provided more stages of completion than the 0.3 beta version. However, these stages are still different from those in the final version, because they have several areas that did not enter the final game, such as the Zeppelin and molten steel areas in Phase 4. Some enemies and boss elves are also different from those starting from the final version. Some of the original sprites in the 0.3 beta have been carried over to this updated version, but were scraped or changed in other ways in the final version.

This beta version was obtained by user TARA200 and auctioned on eBay, resulting in some demo pictures with their names posted on the auction page.

Popped to Download the link, but remember that you need to use an emulator or flash box to play it.It’s also worth noting that this is Very Rough and unfinished, even the beta version, and full of errors. But hey! At least the Konami code is valid.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting view.If you like to play our version Actually Got it, then be sure to download the Castlevania Anniversary Collection on your Switch.