Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

8 Things You Should Know About Cookie Run: Kingdom Updates

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile-based building RPG that offers seat pans with over 64 unique characters on a fresh adventure. Led by fearless leader Ginger Brave, these tough cookies explore over 250 story levels, build delicious bases, fight for the vast kingdom, and uncover the secrets of the past.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is already a very popular game all over the world. And finally, given the right resources for English localization, you too will be able to enjoy the delicious mysteries hidden around the kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom developer Devsisters uses narration from 64 acclaimed actors and influencers to bake an English-speaking version of the game.

“Our diverse cookie characters are at the heart of our game and really come alive with our unique voice and personality,” said Jongheun Kim, co-CEO of Devsisters.

A real human voice is essential to Cookie Run: Kingdom because it helps create subtle features behind each cookie character. The talent lineup is headlined by Jeremy Shada for contributing to the script by Ginger Brave and Michael J Wilson (credits including Shark Tale and Ice Age).

The secret to success:

Save those crystals

This game uses a gacha system, so save those crystals! Crystals seem easy and cheap at first, but later they will be much more valuable. Be patient and wait for new feature cookies to suit your style and needs before using those crystals.

Find your favorite cookie

Once you understand the basics of gameplay, identify what type of player you are, what type of cookie you like, and what type of cookie you want to invest your time and resources in developing. What type of delicious team do you want to form? Each cookie has a range of special skills such as attack, defense, healing, attack or shield magic.

Try your own winning recipe before baking it

Once you start building your team and leveling up your cookies, no reset will occur. So be careful about the cookies you keep in the jar and the amount you upgrade them. Don’t spend a lot of time leveling up cookies until you unlock at least some of them with decent rarity.

Utilize powder power

The unique skills of each cookie can be enhanced with skill powder. Powder is an ingredient needed to raise your character to level 60, and can be obtained by completing daily challenges and in various parts of the kingdom.

Don’t skimp on toppings

You can add up to 5 toppings (or buffs) to a team that breaks cookies, so keep them handy for cake monsters and give them a little extra when they need them most.

Keep pantry in stock

Like any good bakery, you want to stock a lot of fresh produce from the farm in your pantry. You do this by building a cookie house, and make sure they are cranking out the coveted star jelly you need to level up your cookies.

Bake daily for bonuses and giveaways

In addition to the daily rewards of just logging on, you have the regular opportunity to earn free resources, cookies, toppings and crystals. It takes 1-2 minutes a day for everyone to log in and claim free loot, right?

Send your cookies up and down

Hey, it’s a cookie kingdom after all-hurry up about sending your pastries in a delicious hot air balloon flight

Look at the splendor. Expedition will be given toppings, coins, crystals and more. You can also send cookies extensively and use the station to exchange them for the goods you need.

From endlessly fascinating gacha components to vibrant colors and creatively crafted cookies to a lively personality with a roster of professional voice actors, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a seriously sweet software that will satisfy the game’s sweet tooth.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is now available for iOS and Android.