Today we are hosting a second Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight focused on introducing eight exciting titles for Nintendo Switch. The lineup included fast-paced platforming, shooting, puzzle solving, monster fighting and more.

If you can afford 12 minutes for good indie music, you can watch the above show again. If you would like the following words, please see the overview of each feature title.

Toree2-I’m out now

Originally planned as a fun surprise, e-shop logistics meant that this had previously appeared in the store. Well, I was really happy to have a show with this old-fashioned 3D platformer.Its predecessor Tory 3D It was a hit with word of mouth. This follow-up further refines the format. Oh, it costs $ 1 so good Worth to punt.

Afternoon fading
Image: yeo

Fading Afternoon (first PC in 2022)

This is the latest game from the developer yeo who brought us Ishikawa apple friend When Arrest of stone Buddha.. In Fading Afternoon, recently released from prison, he plays the role of Seiji Maruyama, a yakuza known as “Gozuki.” As he is getting older, you may have a hard time meeting the expectations of your boss. It combines complex side-scrolling actions with everyday life in Osaka.

Image: PM Studios / Zarc Attack

Exophobia (April 2022)

When you wake up in a giant spaceship infested with aliens, you need to have wisdom about you to prevent them from becoming unnecessary victims. Upgrade your alien weapons and adopt quick thinking and even quicker reflexes against hordes of relentless aliens, giving yourself even the farthest chance of survival. It looks like it’s set to provide a stylish, fast-paced, retro-style shot when it arrives at Switch.

Die with a blade
Image: Kwalee Ltd

Die with a blade

If all potential blows can be fatal, you need to demand more tactics than brute force. With Die by the Blade, a single wrong move can give your opponent the opportunity to defeat you with just one hit on the blade. Fight online, but stay calm and exploit all the weaknesses your opponents may show. There is no doubt that the other person is trying to do the same for you.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
Image: Yacht club game

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon-Winter

Enter the ever-changing dungeon where every move you make is part of the puzzle. As you try to escape from the mysterious pocket dungeon, you can learn the ropes from your good friend Puzzle Night. Fight enemies and collide to exchange damage with this unique combat system. Group them for large chain attacks while regaining health by picking up keys, power-ups, and potions. This looks like a fun alternative to hit IP.

Poster captain crop
Image: Sysiac Games / Tomorrow Corporation


Captain, put on your uniform! You are lost on the bleeding side on the other side of the galaxy! To make matters worse, the power of darkness is heading toward Earth. You are the only one who can stop them and save humanity, just as fate has it. Of course you need to form an alliance, but not everyone may be completely successful and it’s up to you to decide who will be left behind.

No longer human
Image: PM Studio

No longer human

Once a famous vocaloid idol, he no longer controls the cyberdemon Sumino. You need to lead her to a destructive path and take complete control of the world. Free-form combat with psychedelic cybergoth aesthetics encourages and rewards aggressive and stylish play.

Dawn of the monster.JPG
Image: WayForward / 13AM Games

Dawn of monsters

Developed by 13AM Games and published by WayForward, this could be the monster fighting game we’ve been waiting for on Switch. Release your inner monster as you confront the evil hordes of Nephilim. A creature that wants nothing but destroying the planet. With gorgeous 2.5D graphics inspired by Mike Mignola and deep combat mechanics comparable to fighting games, the game is explosive in itself, but with the help of the couch, it’s a whole new beast.

Thank you for visiting the indie spotlight. Please tell us the game that stands out for you in the comments!