Saturday, June 12th, 2021

7 Horizons’ goal is to launch “Lehman Meets Superman” this year


The name RedDeerGames is becoming more and more popular, and the charming “Little Mouse Encyclopedia” is the latest version of the Switch eShop. Now, the publisher/developer has outlined its next title, which is about to switch to Switch (and PC/Xbox)-7 Horizons later this year.

Its biggest highlight is that the gameplay is “Lehman meets Superman”, which is quite bold, but the trailer at least left a deep first impression. In a platform game with a certain “marksmanship” sensitivity, you play as a transformed jelly, and obviously you also play a series of their friends, each with different abilities. The initial footage doesn’t show much, but obviously the final game will have many different worlds (seven seem to be logical guesses) and various enemy/boss types.

Take a look below.