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6 Tips for Becoming a Better Detective in Chapter 1 of Sherlock Holmes

Hi guys,

My name is Sergei.I’m Executive Producer of Frogwares – the studio behind Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1.. Today was a big day for us and we have been waiting for years. It’s the day when Sherlock Holmes Chapter One comes out and you can play.

Now, before you start your adventure by solving mysteries, finding clues, and exploring Cordona, take a look at six tips to help you during your journey as a young and cheeky Sherlock Holmes.

1, Use the new disguise system

Thanks to this new mechanism we have introduced in the series, with proper clothing, you may be able to get more valuable information that will help you solve your case. You only have to remember one thing-people like to judge others based on their first impressions. If you look at that part, they may be willing to share a secret with you. They look like someone you can trust, and suddenly they will tell you more than you negotiated. Local hangout bartenders, popular among sailors, do not hesitate to provide more information when dressed as a sailor, as opposed to looking like a gentleman in a fancy suit. .. So plan your clothes carefully before going out to anyone or anywhere. Local shop and market merchants are the place to get those clothes on any occasion.

2, fight

If you have been ambushed, you can use more than your wisdom to get out of tricky situations. But keep in mind that you are a glass cannon, not a killing machine. So use your wisdom when engaging in combat. Use the environment around you for your benefit. And no matter what you do, don’t kill people. Disarmament of the enemy will do the trick. Killing too many enemies around you will start affecting your best friend John, who hates to die for no reason.

However, if you’re not a fan of shootouts or hand-to-hand combat, you can turn off combat in the game settings. After that, you can always concentrate on your investigation. The progress and story of the game will not be compromised. You don’t have to use strength. The choice is up to you.

3.3. Try to be as thorough as possible while investigating the crime scene.

Sometimes the most important clues don’t appear on the plate. You may need to look a little more carefully when snooping so you don’t miss something important. You may come across important evidence that may exempt the suspect, such as a letter in a desk drawer, or find details that are missing from the person who claims to be out of the field.Remember it in Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1, You can convict the wrong person – but there is no game on the screen. You will just need to learn to live with your results. And those you have been convicted of also need to live with them.

4.4. It’s okay to get stuck

Even the greatest detectives of all time (yes, I’m talking about Sherlock Holmes here) were involved in the incident. So it’s okay if you get stuck too. A good way to find that “Aha!” Moment is to look at the evidence you have and see if they may be leading you somewhere. You probably just need a little more information that is missing. Scrutinize where it might give you that missing information. Looking for the address of a particular individual-maybe the police station has it? Did you have a particular case that made quite a few headlines at once? Maybe local newspapers have old news articles in their archives from that time. Take a look at the available resources and services. Visits to them may be what you need to do.

5.5. Make sure to explore the island carefully

Cordona Island is worth exploring. Apart from its views, shops, and people, there are also some interesting side quests that will only be revealed to you if you come across them. Keep your eyes wide open wherever you go. Listen to the chatter in the crowd and look at the poster on the wall. All of them could be the gateway to the new research rabbit hole.

In addition to Side Quest, there are also specialized furniture stores. You can use the products they sell to supply your family’s home. After all, nothing is more satisfying than returning Holmes’ mansion to its former glory. And, as I mentioned earlier, you can also buy clothes from a merchant. So open your eyes and ears and protect the detective! You never know what you might stumble upon!

6.6. Mind Palace-where you organize your thoughts

This is where you put it all together. All clues, all evidence, and all scenarios. Please take a moment and spend time here. See all the possibilities and scenarios revealed to you. And if you see your thought flow broken, perhaps see if you can find the clues you’re missing. This is where you shine the most.

Thank you for taking the time. I hope these tips help you. Detective, enjoy your adventure. There are many mysteries waiting to be revealed in SHarlock Holmes Chapter 1..And if you buy the game today, you will also get a full game Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment Free and additional Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 In-game content. This offer lasts only a week, so take a look now before you miss it.

Good luck and talk to you right away.

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