Monday, May 16th, 2022

50 Things in Animal Crossing: New Horizon Updates You May Miss

Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates are packed with great things to find, and not all of them are immediately apparent. In fact, some people aren’t even in Animal Crossing Direct!

Here are 50 things that brought us joy as we explored the new 2.0 paradise. Most of them are from free updates, so everyone can enjoy them.

50 things you might have missed in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update

More efficient DAL

You can now fly directly from Harv’s Island to Happy Home Paradise and vice versa.

Permanent ladder is customizable

President Nuuk

Are you fed up with an ugly ladder? Yeah, we too. But don’t make it blue. Instead, you can make the ladder blue. Or yellow, or red, or white, or …

Load screen tips


Download the Island Life 101 app and you’ll see a hint on the loading screen.

The appearance of the new house

With some new options available to customize your home, you can turn your home into a cute little Christmas cottage, or a beach pastel bungalow!

Fisheye lens and new filter

The new Pro Camera app gives you the option to take a selfie in first-person mode, but it also comes with new filters such as your current favorites Fisheye, Retro, and Surveillance.

You are not the only one who is not good at stretching

If you’ve tried the new Plaza Stretch Gymnastics, it’s probably Surprisingly tricky. Fortunately, you are not alone. Huh.

The recipe in the bottle will tell you what it is before opening it

This is a cute detail, but it’s still pretty nice! Now you can see if something is a food recipe or a DIY recipe. Of course, you still have to open it to find out what it teaches you!


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This was direct, but until you do that, you may not understand how good scooching is. Is there a small gap between the sofa and the coffee table? No problem anymore, friends! Scooch Way!

Brewster and Kapun’s Secret

Check out The Roost’s details for a gyroid-filled storehouse and photos of memories of the old Animal Crossing. Ah!

Similarly, Kapun has a small photo of his family and their little shop from New Reef on his boat.

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Invite old friends to roost

With Animal Crossing amiibo figures or Animal Crossing amiibo Card Series 5, you can invite old friends like Mr. Resetti, Diggby, Perry, Booker, DJ KK, Katie, Gracie and more to the Island of Roost and Herbs.

Have fun with Kapp’n’s Boat

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The four face buttons X, Y, A and B are purposeful when you’re on a Kapp’n boat.

Press A to applaud to Kapp’n’s song, press Y to laugh, and press X to react with shock. And we can’t think of why you want this, but B makes Kapp’n stop singing.

Isabelle’s new and improved news


Isabelle will tell you who is visiting the island, whether it’s Kicks, Leif, Saharah or Redd. So you don’t have to run around the entire island to find yourself.

Katrina’s special power

Katrina once told her fate and predicted your luck, but now she can also check the level of friendship with your villagers! But it’s strange she knows it — she just got here.

High card low card

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Villagers can visit your home, but they can still visit gambling You and. They invite you to highcard and lowcard games. So they flip one card and ask if the next card is high or low. Get the prize!

Ione shining in the dark

image: u / Iliekmiint (Reddit)

One of the new villagers is this adorable heavenly squirrel / chipmunk called Ione. The galaxy’s tail is more than just a show — Ione is actually shining in the dark. I’m a little scared of what that means.