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30 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog-Many Faces of Mario’s Biggest Rivals-Features

Image: Sega / Nintendo Life

Over the last 30 years, many types of Sonic fans have emerged and evolved. Often, the type of fan depends on where you board the platform franchise. You have your 2D purist, Your handheld supporter, 3D Defenders, Werehog worries, people who say 8-bit games are better than 16-bit games … and that’s just the corner of Green Hill.

Today, self-proclaimed “Sonic veteran who has been suffering for many years,” Stuart Gip looks back over the entire series in chronological order.

Sega’s big blue hope seems to have gone through an incarnation that requires wearing socks.You have to wonder what exactly took him so quickly, but given the speckled quality of the whole series, I think he’s trying to overtake. Himself..

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the gorilla, I have seen many faces of Donkey Kong. Catalyze — The release of Sonic Colors Ultimate on the 30th anniversary of the hedgehog seems to be the perfect time to see the Sonic selection (but not the full range). Sonics brace. Sonics snifter. Sonic aperitif.

Start with a real draft. The only sonic that pleases “purists” …

Appropriate Sonic: Year of Megadrive (1991-1996)

Image: Sega

Now, some people disagree with the assignment of the label “appropriate sonic” to this small lot, but they are all wrong. This is Sonic at the pinnacle of his power. A 2D platform with unprecedented momentum, or even compelling imitation.

Original Sonic the Hedgehog and its 2.5 sequel (Sonic & Knuckles only) a kind of It counts as a complete game) It looks and plays great today, so I’m excited about the future Sonic Origins – Includes misunderstood masterpieces Sonic the Hedgehog CD..

Following the heyday of the early 90’s, we believe it was necessary for Sonic Mania to lift these classics directly in order for the series to once again gain unanimous criticism.

8-bit Sonic: Master System / Game Gear Year (1991-1996)

Sonic 8-bit
Image: Sega

A fairly underrated 8-bit sonic game, especially the incarnation of the Master System we claim, is at least, Thoroughly Renewable and audible (or should be) Acoustically) wonderful.

Still speedy, the focus of 8-bit Sonic and Sonic 2 is shifting to a more linear and precision-based platform. An approach focused by the series MacGuffin, Chaos Emerald. Here, instead of being locked behind a special stage, it’s hidden in a dull place in each zone …

Until Sonic Chaos and Sonic Triple Trouble, that is, at that point, they locked back behind the special stage again.

Very confused Sonic: Saturn’s Year (1996-1997)

Sonic R
Image: Sega

Future Sonic’s promise probably sold Saturn, which is a bit disappointing given that it never got it.

Yes you are screaming, it got a version of Sonic 3D and a racing spinoff Sonic RBut the best sonic title of the era is Sonic jam Classic editing. This is not a good ad for a new, expensive and fragile console.Lovers know the title of a deliberate and weird fisheye lens Sonic X-Treme Development was very problematic at this point, but it seemed hot and confusing and never saw the light of day.

Outside of Saturn was a strange arcade fighter Sonic the Fighters, But it didn’t shout exactly “Hello, I’m a Sonic franchise. I know what I’m doing.”.. It ran on a Fighting Vipers engine (which was also a Virtua Fighter engine) and was surprisingly good.

Sonic fails with confidence: Year of Dreamcast (1999-2001)

Sonic adventure
Image: Sega

Remember in The Simpsons, a scene where Dr. Burns’s doctor shows a fragile balance of patient health with a chunky toy that represents a disease stuck in a small doorway? Sonic Adventure is basically its game version, a completely collapsed and fundamentally broken game, but for some reason its wobble isn’t unpleasantly unplayable, it’s attractively bohemian. It looks like it is.

Sonic Adventure remains very fun to play and is arguably more fun than any of the more rigorous follow-ups. For example, Sonic Adventure 2 is a much more sophisticated and engaging title, but when you ask us, it’s a bit boring and trashy. Of course, many disagree, but it turns out to be fairly homogeneous.

The most interesting thing about adventure games is that they completely (and in a sense commendable) refuse to trade the glory of the past.Not only are these not classic sonic games, but absolutely Something like They are their pioneers in almost every way, except for obvious loops and rings. It’s often said to move from the most accessible platformer ever made to the highly complex and constant feedback of the Sonic Adventure series.

Throwing-Stuff-At-The-Wall-And-Seeing-What-Sticks Sonic: Year of the Multi-Platform Wilderness (2003-2009)

Sonic Heroes
Image: Sega

After that, it’s unthinkable. Sega has withdrawn from the console business and has begun to bring its most famous brands into its former rival system.

And hell went on: Sonic Heroes is a toilet, but it’s just a skid mark compared to some of the absolute rinses that see the light of day with this, very Intermittent period; shadowing hedgehogs for good.For adventure, a port of the Dreamcast game even more Broken; Miserable Sonic Riders and sequel. A terrible Sonic storybook series of secret rings and black knights.And that interesting Sonic Unleashed created a portrait of the series, but had no idea what it wanted to be or what it was doing.

Thankfully, during this period, we had a solid core of Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS 2D titles that got things a little more off the beaten track. Not to mention Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure, all three Sonic Advance games were fun times. Provided high quality running action. That said, even handhelds weren’t completely safe, and BioWare’s horrifying Sonic Chronicles rocked the format like the gaseous aftermath of a chili dog plate.

Oh; something commonly known as small Sonic ’06 It has permanently damaged the reputation of the series.

Boost Sonic: Year of the Multi-Platform Wilderness Part II: Some Similarities in Consistency (2010-2021)

Sonic colors
Image: Sega

Thanks to God, this crap flood ended with Sonic Colors, and a title with a shocking level of purity and focus in a series that even those ones seemed to have forgotten for a long time.Calling Sonic Colors is far from us Perfect, It was still well above the 3D Sonic average (and so). It is the ultimate recognition of the strengths of the game. That is, 3D Sonic’s traditional platform stage, which seems to be the focus of previous titles, without wasting time-wasting alternative playstyles or pointless diversion mini-games. It’s just a straightforward Sonic action, taken from the otherwise mediocre Sonic Unleashed “Day” stage, extended here, and also a festive follow-up Sonic Generations. There is a lot of meat in the bones for the player to get stuck.

There are some mistakes in this era.Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is a war crime by its name alone, it’s best to leave the Sonic boom game unreferenced, and the Sonic Lost World dedicated to the Wii U console was almost always a misfire How – But in most cases, this consistency has been taken over by Sonic Forces, and most of the widely-supported games this writer claims. AlrightEspecially considering that the vast waves of dross fans had to navigate before that.

And of course, Sonic Mania came.

Future Sonic (2022- ????)

Sonic Tees
Image: Sega

Of course, many disagree with the conclusions drawn here, statistically speaking, perhaps for some of their favorite games. And that’s perfectly fine. We are here looking at the series in a more isolated way than enthusiasts. And we also missed a lot – Sonic isn’t just about games, but the world of multiple beloved comic books (Archie, Fleetway, IDW), TV comics (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM, Underground, And the adventures of the boom that followed), and many other deviations within the franchise (not to mention the blockbuster movies), are more thoroughly recorded by the fan base than each one actually has space. ..

I think Sonic’s success will come in one wave and the next Sonic Rangers There is once again the opportunity to provide fans with a consistent experience, but it is very likely that it is yet another whole new direction in the series that is sometimes really struggling for identity. Nevertheless, we still love the stupid blue turf and just want the best for him.That means we really have to insist on him Choose a lane..

What is your favorite Sonic era? Please let us know in the vote below, and let us know the exact type of Sonic fan you are in your usual location.