Monday, May 16th, 2022

30 upcoming Nintendo Switch games to look forward to

Image: Nintendo Life

We are nearing the end of 2021 and have seen some great games coming to Switch this year. It’s also true that some celebrities slipped into 2022 for comprehensible reasons, but there are still heavy hitters coming before the bell rings on December 31st.

Below, we’ve updated the list and rounded up 30 of the biggest Switch games we’re looking forward to. The rest are waiting for the final month of 2021, and all the big games are lined up in 2022. From AAA first-party products to promising indies. We’re still seeing some big names this year, so we’re hoping for a surprise drop on our way to the holidays (fingers crossed!).

We had many Super Mario 3D World + Bousers Fury, Bravely Default II, Monster Hunter Rise, New Pokemon Snap, Famicom Detective Club, Game Builder Garage, Mario Golf: Super Rush, 1 + 2 of Tony Hawk and other great titles, Disgaea 6, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, WarioWare: Get It Together!And Metroid Dread *breath* — Plus a huge number of great indie titles. With only a few weeks left, there’s still a lot to look forward to before the end of the year.

Let’s take a look at our most anticipated Switch game …

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch)Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch)

the publisher: Nintendo

release date: December 3, 2021 (USA) / / December 3, 2021 (UK / EU)

Big Brain Academy series announced on a quiet Thursday in early September — a little more relaxed Brain Age brothers / Brain training Back in the Nintendo DS era — back in December with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain on Switch.

Featuring a four-player brain-based match, you can also fight brains around the world through a new online challenge to other people’s ghost data in scenarios like brain-to-brain.It has come out December 3rd And it looks like a decent family fare for the holidays.

Disney Magical World 2: Enchantment Edition (Switch)Disney Magical World 2: Enchantment Edition (Switch)

the publisher: BANDAI NAMCO

release date: December 3, 2021 (USA) / / December 3, 2021 (UK / EU)

This is a healthy, fun and colorful adventure inspired by Disney theme parks and a huge number of characters and franchises. It has areas inspired by movies such as Frozen and The Little Mermaid, bringing 3DS original sprue-up visuals and all the DLC.Deadline December 3rd..

Life is Strange: True Colors (Switch eShop)Life is Strange: True Colors (Switch eShop)

the publisher: Eidos Europe / / Developer: Deck nine game

release date: December 7, 2021 (USA) / / December 7, 2021 (UK / EU)

The mysterious lack of the episodic Life Is Strange series on Switch has finally been resolved — Square Enix Europe brings both Life Is Strange: True Colors and Life Is Strange Remastered Collection to the Nintendo console this year.

True Colors was scheduled to arrive on September 10th before being late. December 7th now.The remastered collection has been pushed back to 2022..

Loop Hero (Switch eShop)Loop Hero (Switch eShop)

the publisher: Return digital / / Developer: 4/4

release date: December 9, 2021 (USA) / / December 9, 2021 (UK / EU)

Introduced as part of Nintendo’s August 2021 Indie World Showcase, Loop Hero is a time-loop strategic RPG that appears on Switch, fighting monsters with a procedurally generated look and stealing energy and resources. ..

Sounds tough, but released on the PC platform in March 2021, the gameplay and old-fashioned aesthetics of card games are highly regarded.We will know what all the turmoil is about December 9th..

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (Switch eShop)Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (Switch eShop)

the publisher: Yacht club game

release date: December 13, 2021 (USA) / / December 13, 2021 (UK / EU)

Shovel Knight is a highly acclaimed and fan-winning game with many updates and a major role as an action platformer. After almost countless cameos have appeared in other games, we’ve got a new game, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, with a slightly different take from the protagonist and the extended cast.

It brings puzzles and “bump” battle mechanics to the mix December 13th..

OlliOlli World (Switch eShop)OlliOlli World (Switch eShop)

Developer: Roll7

release date: Fourth quarter of 2021USA)

Announced in the summer, this is a very different look of the series after the success of the original two games. Once again, skateboarding on tricky courses and performing all sorts of clever tricks, but this time it’s a redesigned and very colorful world.This provides some long-awaited warm weather atmosphere when it arrives This winter..

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Switch eShop)Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Switch eShop)

the publisher: Obsidian Entertainment / / Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

release date: 2020 (USA) / / 2020 (UK / EU)

Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity picked up a torch placed by Baldur’s Gate months ago. Both games can be played on your favorite Nintendo Hybrid Handheld. Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire is coming soon and will be set five years after the event in the previous game. It’s been available on PS4 and Xbox One since January 2020, but it has its own features. Performance issues With these consoles. Hopefully the extra time on the switch port will solve the serious problem.

It was expected to arrive in early 2021, but missed that window. We crossed our fingers so that we could see it by the end of the year.

Sports story (Switch eShop)Sports story (Switch eShop)

the publisher: Sidebar game / / Developer: Sidebar game

release date: TBA

First announced in December 2019 with a mid-2020 release, this switch-only sequel to the early indie-hit golf story has been postponed, with the expectation that a sporty RPG hybrid for sidebar games will arrive. Someday in 2021.. If the sports story is as fun as the original Mario Golf-inspired, it’s not worth the wait.