Sunday, July 25th, 2021

30 hours of game Metascore is higher than Zelda: Breath of the Wild-Close-up

Author’s Note: I will not discuss specific spoilers in this article, because anyone who has played Fata Morgana’s house You should keep them as long as you need to make twists and turns-but I will discuss topics that run through the game, so if you want to enter the game completely blindly, please pay attention. In addition, these images may also be considered spoilers, although I try to avoid major twists and turns.

Also, please note that this is not a review-it is a continuous diary of the game before the review, so we can really delve into the subject of a game that has received so many 10/10 reviews It got a perfect score of 100 on Metacritic For a time.

For those who still want to know more about Fata Morgana: Welcome to Diary Three…

Fata Morgana's house

When I founded The House in Fata Morgana, it felt like a lifetime ago and I didn’t know what would happen. This story is very cautious and even frustrating. The character will smugly reject the answers you seek, and even the text itself will occasionally be censored. This may be the only visual novel I have ever played that keeps its secrets secret so tightly that the plot is not revealed until at least ten hours later. Even so, your trust has been eroded so much that you Absolutely sure.

What’s so great about The House in Fata Morgana—until recently, it was the highest-rated game on Metacritic, and now it’s Grand Theft Auto IV, Soul of Sword, with Tony Hawk’s professional skater 2 -It makes you feel exactly the same as the protagonist. You leave the mooring in time, question your own sanity, desperately begging the story to give you the satisfactory ending you deserve; this story denies you these things time and time again.

Fata Morgana's house

My first diary is silly because of the story begin There are some strange, disturbing and uncomfortable plot lines; I have played 20-30 hours since then and I have been working hard on topics such as trauma, isolation, post-traumatic stress disorder, abuse, identity, and religion. Because the story moves slowly and painfully to a certain ending.

“Hurt people hurt people” is a phrase that appeared in my mind many times during Fata Morgana, but the truth is that this sentence is incomplete. Hurt people hurt people because of pain and love to accompany. Every character in Fata Morgana has been twisted for years of abuse and neglect, whether because they were deprived of what they needed, or because they were used and discarded by people who thought they were almost human.

These wounded people, the role of Fata Morgana, can hardly resonate with others who don’t have similar scars. The happiness of others insults them; watching people find love and intimacy when they don’t know how to find it is just another dagger in their hearts. So they try to get people into their dark world and make them as miserable as they are-or they keep this world out of the door altogether.

Fata Morgana's house

Unsurprisingly, most of these characters are women, and they are treated as dirt, low-level creatures, not worthy of kindness, respect, or humanization. Some of them choose revenge, and some of them just want to, most importantly, stay alone. Many of them found some small happiness, but once again they were taken away from them by fate.And, at the center of it all, our three main characters, they want More important than anything Just to be happy-but since they have all suffered injuries, all they can do in the end is to constantly destroy themselves and each other.

This is the impact of trauma on a person. The scars it leaves are tender and raw; although you may want to hug someone, your body will react differently, pushing them away as a means of self-defense and self-protection. You will respond to kindness with fear and generosity with suspicion. You are taught that no one is a good person, everyone has ulterior motives, and the most important thing is: you are not worthy of kindness.

Fata Morgana's house

By the way, none of these are true, but these are things your brain will do to protect you. This is Fata Morgana’s bloody, beating heart: hurting people and hurting people, because this is all they know.

It’s easy, especially at the beginning, to treat it as a group of terrifying, controlling people who abused for no reason, but as the story unfolds, it reveals the pain they have experienced—removing them from broken pieces The pain twisted into a knife, and the anger that made them stab anyone who dared to approach.

I found myself thinking about a lot of videos about neglected dogs, howling and barking at anyone approaching, and how much nurturing and care it takes to reassure them that they are safe now. Even so, these dogs may never feel comfortable around other dogs or people.But they are not bad Dog: This is based on the learning response they experienced. This is my view of trauma response, as a person with many experiences: if your brain and body go into fear mode, you are not a bad person.

Likewise, Fata Morgana’s characters (mainly) are not bad guys-they are tired, they are bleeding, they are lonely. The only way they know how to bring people into their lives is to hurt them in the same way, branding them with the same fear, making stories of trauma and violence like broken dirty mirrors, reflecting only the ugly side.

Fata Morgana's house

Sometimes, the house in Fata Morgana will repeat itself. It allows me to watch a scene from a different angle, or retell a story that was too beautiful before to show the true story below. Sometimes it takes a long time to tell a story that is not particularly interesting—for example, the first story in a game. Even sometimes it may lose important parts of the text, and these parts don’t really go anywhere. However, after 30 hours, I like it, warts and so on.

It’s not perfect-don’t be fooled into thinking that a 10/10 game must be perfect to be worthy of this score-but its beauty lies in its imperfection. If it were shorter or more accurate, it wouldn’t be what it is now: a story of a self-perpetuating cycle of trauma for hundreds of years. I don’t know if I am near the end. But I want to know how to break this cycle-not just for the role, but also for myself.

After all, the hard part is not always the wound. I woke up with scars every day. It is to let other people pass through them with their hands, not to shrink back. It is pushing the painful echo they left behind. This is to make yourself believe in yourself again, even though every bone, every nerve, every thread of yours is screaming at you, you will only get hurt again.

“Fata Morgana House” tells a story about witches, curses and love, but it also tells the true price of never giving up. The antidote to fear, pain, anger and tragedy can only be the supreme divine power Empathy.