Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

3 Reasons to Spend Halloween on Daylight by Dead

Died in daylight It might be the perfect Halloween game. It makes you with your friends. Its gameplay is based on tension, thrills, and killings. It features original characters from horror’s biggest movie and game franchises and even the iconic legendary Hall of Fame-level cast.

Reasons to step into the fog in October of this year as Halloween is in our DNA, new books are opened in the archive, new survivors are on the roster, and huge Halloween events are locked and loaded. Is increasing more than ever.If you are playing for the first time, you can also try Died in daylight Free-to-play day until October 25th!!

Archive – Tome 9: Crescendo

Our latest Tome doesn’t just feature three new and horrifying stories from the world Died in daylightBut for the first time, these narrative pairs intersect and present two very different perspectives on a single chilling event.

Each character’s POV was tested due to an unexpected kidnapping on the eve of a fierce storm, featuring K-POP legends Trickster and Yunjin Lee, who are popular with all-kill chapter fans.

Players can dive into Cresendo Rift for free participation and get unique outfits inspired by fans of The Plague and Élodie Rakoto. If you bring a king-sized pillowcase trick or treatment this year, Premium Trucks will charge you over 60 cosmetic items, equivalent to over 20,000 Orrick cells.

As a Tome 9 character, from now until 11:00 am on October 27th, The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee’s Auric Cell will be 50% off and the Iridescent Shard (in-game currency) price will be 25% off.

Witch chapter time

The perfect survivor of the season has landed in the fog as part of the currently available “Witch’s Time” chapter.

Not only does Michaela Reed love Halloween, she also loves horror stories. She read and wrote them, and over time she became keenly interested in witchcraft. In addition to her unique appearance and personality, her perks are also unique. Mikaela stands as the first survivor with the ability to harness the power of the totem to bring healing and protection benefits to herself and her peers, instantly making her an irreplaceable part of any team. ..

Not all witches are evil and this is ready to do great things in the realm of entities.

Midnight Globe Halloween Event

Died in daylight Bringing an eerie atmosphere 365 days a year, Halloween is your chance to take it to the next level.From today to November 4thNS, Players can participate in in-game events in Midnight Gloves. This includes a brand new limited-time event tome available from the archive.

The event will decorate our map with Halloween decorations, special items, and new ones of the year: Lots of interactable Jack O Lanterns. Crush these sinister pumpkins to complete the challenge and roll the dice for immediate tricks and treatments.

During the (very short) period of the event, players will also be able to win special costumes for the new survivors Michaela Reed and Doctor, as well as three new charms (all exclusive to Midnight Gloves). Completing the challenge unlocks a series of horrifying stories written by Mikaela herself.

Everyone, that’s all for now.I hope it will be crowded this October Died in daylight There are more reasons to step into (or return to!) The fog than ever before, and you can remember this as Halloween. And don’t forget, Died in daylight There is currently a free play day, which is free until October 25th. See you in the fog!

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Ever wanted to play as one of your favorite horror movie characters? Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game that draws you from every corner of the horror world, from powerful slashers to terrifying paranormal entities. Choose to play an unstoppable killer or one of the four survivors trying to avoid the dreaded death. Each character has its own deep progression system, with plenty of unlockable items that can be customized to suit your personal strategy. Work together to escape or stalk and sacrifice all survivors. In this edition of Dead by Daylight, 7 killer (trapper, hillbilly, wraith, nurse, hug, huntless, doctor) and 9 survivors (Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel, Jake Park, Dwight Fairfield, Ace Visconti, Nea Karlsson, Bill Overbeck, Feng Min, David King). It also includes two cosmetic add-ons packed with costumes for different characters.