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23 things Returnal won’t tell you-Returnal Wiki Guide

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Welcome to 23 things the return doesn’t tell you The official IGN Wiki guide and the Returnal walkthrough page on PlayStation 5. Returnal is a game similar to Rogue Lite, installed on the mysterious and ever-changing planet Atropos.This is a difficult game and usually makes you scratch your head to figure out how This How things work or how that Things work.

We have experienced the same thing, it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, we have collected some information that Returnal will not tell the player, and answered these questions in the following prompt:

23 things the return doesn’t tell you

  • Death is important -This is how much the game story is told and revealed in Returnal.
  • Most items are not permanent -If the description of a product sounds impermanent (increase the completeness by X%), or its product type sounds impermanent (such as “consumables”), it is likely that it is not permanent. When you die, you will no longer have it, so don’t worry about using it.
  • same, Some items are permanent. If the description of a project sounds like permanent, it may be permanent. To ensure this, please go to IGN’s “Which items in the return are permanent?” Confirm your suspicion. Make sure to check out which items in the IGN return are not permanent? Learn about these specific items.
  • Unlock special souvenir-like items through the house sequence in the game. What the game doesn’t tell you is that these items are actually very useful. For example, completing the first house sequence will unlock the astronaut figurine, if you die this statue in your inventory, you will immediately resurrect in the exact area where you died. Other items include things like “blow torch”, when in a “low” or “full” state, weapon damage will increase by 10%. Search for artifacts in the game to learn more.

  • The above-mentioned souvenir-like items found after completing the house sequence in “Return Journey” are Single use.
  • The restorer is a one-time use of the resurrection point. If you use Reconstructor in the game, it seems that it does nothing. A quick cutscene will do. However, once you die, you will realize that instead of starting the next run on the ship, it is better to start running with the refactorer. This is very useful, but it can only be used once, so use it wisely. To use it again, you need to reactivate it with six Ether.
  • You cannot challenge Returnal’s first boss (or enter its room) until you find Anathema Key. Go to IGN’s “How to Find the Anathema Key” guide for more information on this information.
  • You must find the key to the room before you can open the room at Returnal. If you are like us, we stumbled upon the first house in the game but did not find the house key. We tried to enter the house, but couldn’t enter…until we found the house key in a different area of ​​the first biome in Returnal.

  • You need an Atropian sword to fight the enemy. If you are playing a game and want to know why there is no button that allows Selene to perform a melee attack, it is because you do not have the Atropian Blade melee weapon.
  • You need an Atropian Blade to destroy the black and orange vines Often it will hinder your way to Silphium and other items.
  • Resin is your way to restore your health, Silphium is your way to restore the integrity of Selene suits. These are green items scattered throughout the game, indicated by health markers on the minimap.
  • Ether is Returnal and You can carry up to 30 Ether. You may consider hoarding this resource, which is perfectly fine, but don’t hoard too much, because after 30 o’clock, you can still pick up the ether, but it will not increase the collected ether. It just disappears in… ether (we are sorry).

  • There is a shop Although it doesn’t look exactly like one, it does exist. When you approach the pillar, you will encounter a light-emitting pillar with a hologram of the object.
  • There is always a store in the first biome Back, overgrown ruins. A shop can be found in each subsequent biome.
  • Every time you die, unless you use a reconstructor, you will eventually return to the overgrown ruins, Regardless of your latest run performance.
  • You will unlock items that seem to be out of reach Therefore, if you can’t do it, please don’t sweat profusely because you can’t reach them.


  • Unless you beat the first boss in Returnal, Datacubes will be useless. You can still pick them up if you want, but don’t expect to use them after defeating the bosses in the overgrown ruins.
  • The shifter is a version of the game “Fast Travel”. Although you can only teleport yourself to the shifters you have been to, you can teleport from one shifter to another in the entire biome.
  • Can find grease Scattered biomes or destroyed Obolite blocks, but they can also be found In plants or statues with yellow eyes.
  • Can find parasites Biomes are scattered everywhere, but they can also be found Purple plant inside Found throughout the game.

  • Water is bad, anything that looks like liquid is bad -You can test it yourself, but throwing Selene into water or weird liquids will only hurt her.
  • The pistol you have at the beginning of each run is actually automatic -Just hold down L2 (no more than half the distance, so as not to activate its alt-fire mode), the pistol will automatically fire all its bullets.
For more tips and tricks on different aspects of Returnal, be sure to check out IGN’s Tips and tricks Page and IGN First thing to do page. If you are bothered by something unique to a certain biome, be sure to go to IGN’s Returnal drill If you find yourself trying to beat the boss, IGN’s boss The guide has covered you.