Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

20 Nintendo 64 games added to the Switch Online expansion pack

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack was recently launched, but it’s not without critics’ share. Despite some emulation flaws and the inability to change the app’s button mappings, nevertheless it was a lot of fun to revisit some familiar (and less familiar) Nintendo 64 gems on the Switch. is.Of course we always want more..

In addition to the initial offer, Nintendo has also seen the next batch that will arrive within the next few months, and we feel really good. interesting There is no game yet. It’s also worth noting that we’ve added some rare games to this list. Now, keep in mind that Banjo-Kazooie is coming to service (of course, the IP featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). clear In the example on our list, Microsoft and Nintendo could sign up for other classic rare games. Are they long shots? Yes, but we have hope.

There are also other games that have chosen rare or Japanese-only games In the old days, And with the NES and SNES apps, I’ve seen Nintendo occasionally add relatively ambiguous games. There are some obvious ones. of course It’s on Nintendo’s to-do list.

Finally, I added a vote — what game would you like to see? So let’s get down to it.

1080 ° snowboard (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: Nintendo EAD

release date: March 31, 1998 (USA) / / October 9, 1998 (UK / EU)

A game that teaches rewards for dedication and patience. Winning the race may seem like a point in the game, but the real goal is in the title — pulling 1080 °. It took us years, but we kept it, and – boom – finally, We nailed it. Speed ​​and precision harmonize with the beautiful visuals of the time, with sunshine shining from the slopes and snow falling behind the board. There was a frame rate stutter, but its subtle controls allow you to sharpen shallow turns and gracefully arc the entire course, giving you the feel of a real sport.

It’s when you haven’t fallen into your ass.

Blast Dozer (N64)Blast Dozer (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: rare

release date: February 28, 1997 (USA) / / September 1, 1997 (UK / EU)

In this game, a slow truck carrying a malfunctioning nuclear missile clears the path to a safe explosion zone (a zone blocked by destructive buildings and other structures). Like many 64-bit titles, its early polygonal visuals definitely look a bit stubborn these days, but don’t let that look disappoint you. This incredibly ridiculous concept has become one of the most fun games on the N64.

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)

the publisher: THQ / / Developer: rare

release date: March 4, 2001 (USA) / / April 6, 2001 (UK / EU)

The first of our hopeful rare entries, Conker’s Bad Fur Day proudly stood out from the hordes of pretty platformers of the time as a dirty, bloody, scatological comedy. To be honest, I’m still a little blind to Nintendo’s second party announcing a vow-filled game. Even the Xbox remake has offended most people. When launched in 2001, Conker was a technological victory for aging 64-bit systems. The movie parody is very time consuming and humor isn’t for everyone, but I’d love to see it again.

Diddy Kong Racing (N64)Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: rare

release date: November 24, 1997 (USA) / / November 21, 1997 (UK / EU)

Diddy Kong Racing For Mario Kart 64, it was almost the same as Banjo-Kazooie’s upcoming Super Mario 64. In other words, it extends Nintendo’s templates with color and creativity to create more than just a homage. DKR took a much larger and more complex circuit to expand single player into adventure and add planes and hovercraft. The game also provided a console debut for Banjo and Conker. What more do you want, jam?

Dōbutsu no Mori (N64)Dōbutsu no Mori (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo

release date: April 14, 2001 (JPN)

Its localized name is Animal Crossing, Perhaps you are familiar with IP from the successor to that GameCube Animal Crossing.. Yes, Japan had an exclusive version of the first game that debuted on the N64. It was only a few months before it appeared in the new shiny GameCube.This is Very unlikely Due to the need for extensive localization, it will be a nice addition as an intriguing arrival and insight into the history of the franchise. Well, even if it’s only for the Japanese version of the app, we’re willing to play it that way.

Donkey Kong 64 (N64)Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: rare

release date: November 24, 1999 (USA) / / December 6, 1999 (UK / EU)

Some have blamed the collapse of the collectorson’s 3D platform boom. Donkey Kong 64It’s hard to claim that Rhea went a little too far with a huge number of probably insignificant collectable Doohickies, but it’s a game that makes everything 11 and its apologetic “more and more” approach. Has great things. There are 5 playable Kongs (well known), a huge world, and a wealth of mini-games (including the original arcade Donkey Kong and an emulated version of Rare). Jetpac), The DK64 was one of the value proposition hells in 1999, and we think it deserves a reassessment probably after 20 years of bashing. C’mon Cranky, Take it to the refrigerator.

Excitebike 64 (N64)Excitebike 64 (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: Leftfield Productions

release date: April 30, 2000 (USA) / / June 8, 2001 (UK / EU)

Canadian developer Left Field Productions is behind a team that is lovingly remembered NBA Courtside The game was responsible for this amazing entry in Nintendo’s motocross series. We’ve shifted gameplay from side-on to behind-the-rider 3D, blending the careful pitch and throttle control of the original game with the subtle mechanics of the N64’s stable companion. Wave race 64 When 1080 ° snowboard Produce something as deep, rewarding and addictive as those racers.

GoldenEye 007 (N64)GoldenEye 007 (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: rare

release date: August 25, 1997 (USA) / / August 25, 1997 (UK / EU)

The best movie tie-up ever? Not only did Rare’s games make a big impact on the console FPS genre, but it also provided the N64 owners with a decent “adult” experience. When the PlayStation was too cool for school, Golden Eye 007 Providing real ammunition in the console war, its four deathmatches (surprisingly last-minute additions before the game turned gold) are the best multiplayer we have on any system. It led to some of my memories. You only live twice> Bunker> Power Weapon??how is it License to kill> Facilities> Pistol?? We’re easy, but no matter what you do, make sure you have “sight on auto aiming off”.

Imagine the topic of arriving and supporting online play. But let’s become a reality. This is the longest long shot.

ISS 98 (N64)ISS 98 (N64)

the publisher: Konami / / Developer: Konami

release date: September 1, 1998 (UK / EU)

Konami’s Major A Studio ISS 64 It adds some great additions, such as an optional top-to-bottom view and the look of the referee. On the pitch.. It may sound like a small and almost insignificant detail, but by displaying a ref on the screen, it blew our hearts in 1998. know Due to licensing issues, this is very unlikely, but we don’t care-we want it.

Jet Force Gemini (N64)Jet Force Gemini (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / / Developer: rare

release date: October 11, 1999 (USA) / / November 2, 1999 (UK / EU)

Underrated entries in the Rareware Library, Jet Force Gemini A quest to fly around the world to defeat the insect-like overlord Mizar, combining a cute design with a chunky, gandhi third-person blast. The adventures of Junho, Vera, and the good boy Lupus you can trust aren’t flawless, but JFG is surprisingly deep and satisfying, and if you’re a rare fan looking for a jewel that’s passed by at the turn of the millennium, investigate. Worth to do.