Monday, May 16th, 2022

18 interesting switch games displayed in QUByte Connect 2021

QUByte Interactive is certainly very Busy and definitely creating some interesting titles across platforms.He is also a big supporter of Switch, and his QUByte Connect 2021 showcase Many Of the system title.

We’ve already talked about the resurrection of the beloved NeoGeoTag team fighter Rage of the Dragons, but here’s a complete list of other Switch games (with trailers) announced at the show:

So let’s get started.

Project Colony: MARS 2120 (Summer 2022)

Described as a 2.5D side-scrolling action-adventure designed by Metroidvania, it may stylishly remind you of Switch’s recent hits from Nintendo. However As an indie effort, this looks promising. There is no doubt that further optimization and development are underway ahead of next year’s arrival. Fighting a lot of monsters as an elite marine is certainly fun, so we definitely monitor it.

Grapple Force Lena

If you look at the name “Galaxy Trail” and find it familiar, that’s why.This is certainly from some of the team behind Freedom PlanetIn fact, this was originally an experimental title for, but is now back and recreated as a traditional game. It also looks pretty fun as it makes the grapple mechanical work in different ways-watch out for future updates.

Wild dog

I think there are many things I like about this. It has a Game Boy Color-style palette, a variety of playstyles, a screen-filled boss, and a section where playable dogs jump into the mecha. Hopefully the end result will be as fun as the trailer.

Milli & Greg (Out Now-NA)

At the time of writing it, the classic “now” part of the broadcast teeth It’s available in North American e-shops, but not yet in European stores. It’s a low-cost platformer, not shy to raise the bar for challenges, and the gameplay probably looks like a blend of Super Meet Boy and Celeste. With over 100 levels, it’s worth a look.

Opus Castle (“immediately”)

If you like horror to see the real place, it’s probably interesting and is described as “a story based on the true tragic history of a small castle on Apa Street in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.” It doesn’t look like a game that attracts new players to this genre, but it may certainly be interesting to first-person Spookfest fans.

Become a hero

The world isn’t short on agricultural / breeding RPGs, but that doesn’t mean new entries in this genre can’t captivate us. This seems to have a lot of familiar elements, but the story may be fun-it’s about an ambitious hero who is late for the final battle and needs to work in a tavern to get home.


It’s not the easiest game to understand from the trailer that touts it as a surreal story of a “lost game” from a retro system. Here’s the official description to add some meaning to the concept: “Bem Feito is a combination of horror games, creepypasta, suspense, adventure, and alternate reality games (ARGs) that use fiction and some references from the real world together.”

The devil in us

Another horror title. This time, I will be in the position of Aughust Heylel, an exorcist whose faith has declined. On dark nights with the Switch in hand, it can be properly creepy.

Droid Escape-‘Soon’

Anny K. And a retro-style challenging platformer trying to reunite her robot Droid07. Lots of tricky controls and hazards that look pretty standard in this genre.

Upside down

This is actually a remake of the 1987 release that graced systems such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. Such isometric puzzle games were popular at the time because they worked in one room at a time trying to overcome various dangers and challenges. If you enjoyed the Lumo on Switch, this might be worth a look.


Something like a movie Inner space (Children, check it out) But it’s a bit tougher because you’re trying to cure a deadly virus. The color palette looks pretty calm, but it’s a shooter with someone’s internal organs, and it can be pretty fun and gross.

In the limit

This time it’s a vertically scrolling game, but it’s another shooting game. This looks pretty eye-catching because the visuals and levels look pretty imaginative. The description says, “We are trying to bridge the gap between art and fun, underground and mainstream, old and new.”

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems

A hand-drawn visual and colorful side-scrolling action game. This seems to be the most enjoyable in local co-op play with up to 3 companions. There are four different fighters, each with its own abilities, so it would be interesting to see how it is formed.

My night work-the definitive edition

This is an update for the 2016 release, with some pretty half-baked reviews at the time.It certainly has a sense of style, but with bright visuals and inspiration from the horrors of the 80’s, it certainly has a sense of style. Maybe … It will be interesting if it is improved over the original.

Sea otter venture

This 3D platformer is definitely promising and the number of trailer levels is Super Mario 3D Land When Super Mario 3D World.. It certainly wears a source of inspiration on its sleeves, but it may be a fun time-it’s something to see.

Human (coming soon)

This is a trilogy of retro puzzle titles, Remmings In the early 90’s. As you can see in the trailer, the collection includes a Game Boy version and has some modern touches (such as a storage system) to assist players unfamiliar with the series.

Immortal (now)

This is a little strange. It was actually released in this week’s download update, but you can also play it on the Nintendo Switch Online NES app, so if you subscribe, you can play it for free. If you don’t use NSO or want to own a digital copy, you can get it at e-shops in North America and Europe.

Things that bounce and explode

It looks rather like Occur Many styles and colors have been added to steroids. There are also RPG elements that allow you to acquire different types of weapons and upgrades.

That’s a lot of you, hey! In the comments, let us know which of these games stand out for you.