Sunday, July 25th, 2021

16mm film from Nintendo’s 1974 Wild Gunman Arcade cabinet has been found

© Nintendo

As emphasized @katewillaert On Twitter, Ben Solovey (Fair shot On Instagram) managed to find two rolls of 16mm film, which were originally part of Nintendo Wild Gunner Arcade cabinet from 1974.

Although Nintendo game console players may be more familiar with the NES port of this light gun shooting game (or the version played by Marty McFly) Back to the future part 2), the original arcade game was created by Yokoi Junpei, using a 16mm projector to show the various gunmen you are fighting against. Interestingly, this arcade game came to the United States in a joint venture between Nintendo and Sega-you can read all about this unlikely collaboration in “Wild Gunners” that we wrote a few years ago. .

Obviously, film is fragile, and any surviving print on the original coin-operated coin is now close to 50 years old. However, Solovey has two of the eight reels, as shown below:

Each of the four optional scenes (labeled AD) contains two reels, and Solovey apparently owns everything in “Film-D”:

If you want to know how the light gun interacts with the film, your opponent’s eyes will flash before they draw (as shown in the image above). If you aim and point at the big white “flashes” quickly and accurately, you will see them fall to the ground-otherwise, they will remain standing and you are brown bread.

There is no news about the exact plan for this movie, but Solovey (a cinematographer) is an expert in this area, so we will pay close attention to the plan for this fascinating Nintendo arcade history.