Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

16-bit Cult Classic Ballis restarts on Nintendo Switch

Image: Sunsoft

update: Limited Run Games Valis: Phantom Warrior Pre-orders began in January 2022, physically west (thank you, Gematsu).

In Japan, the collection will be physically and digitally released on December 9th, but the Japanese version does not include English subtitles.

original [Tue 15th Jun, 2021 16:15 BST]: Telenet outer It’s one of a series that had more than a few fans in the days of the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, but it’s almost forgotten by modern players. Japanese company Edia plans to change it all.

In 2020, it announced that it was working for something 35th anniversary Franchise in December of this year (the series debuted in Japan in December 1986 with PC-8801, MSX, and X1).

Edia has the first three games today Valis: Phantom Warrior The series will appear on the Nintendo Switch and development will be funded through crowdfunding drive via the Japanese site Makuake. The cash collected in this campaign will be used to provide a highly rated PC Engine version. Valis: Phantom Warrior Valis II, When Valis III To the switch.

Super Valis IVThe final mainline entry in the series, is already available on Switch, thanks to its addition to the retro lineup of Nintendo Switch Online.

in the meantime Valis X Status as an erotic visual novel means that many fans don’t consider it a “true” entry in the pedigree. Telenet handled the distribution, but it was developed by Eants, not Telenet. Valis X was the last game the company released before it went bankrupt. Later, the rights to the Valis series were acquired by Sunsoft.

Are you a fan of the Valis series? Would you like to withhold the western release of these titles? Please let us know in the comments.