Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

10 Spooky Halloween Events to Enjoy on Xbox

Halloween is just around the corner, so you know what that means. A special Halloween event with your favorite video game. What did you think of sweets? As the big day approaches, many games have revealed plans to celebrate the most eerie holidays at special events. A lot of great things are happening this year, so let’s take a look at some of the outstanding ones.

Minecraft Spookyfest & Minecraft Dungeons Spookie Autumn Event

You can always count on Mojang to enjoy Halloween on Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. The new Minecraft Dungeon Seasonal Trial unlocks exclusive items such as the Crackling Broom, Phantom Bow, and Spooky Gourdian Armor Set. Visit Minecraft and download the free Spooky Gourdian Character Creator item and the free Halloween Fiends skin pack. The team is also celebrating the Halloween IRL, so For more information, please visit

Sea of ​​Thieves – Damned Wrath

Perhaps not surprising for a game full of creepy skeletons and ghost ships, Rare’s team will always grow for Halloween. At this year’s in-game event, players can gain additional favors in Bilgirat by performing tasks such as defeating skeleton ships and emptying skeleton forts (placed in-game via mysterious notes). increase. When you reach a certain favor threshold, Wicked Web Cosmetic Items will be awarded for your efforts. There is also a community spirit challenge to annihilate a huge number of skeletons, offering even more rewards to pirates after the Fury of the Damned is over. For more information Visit the official Sea of ​​Thieves website..

Fortnite – Fortnitemares

Again, Fortnite’s Halloween event, entitled Fortnite Mare, is studded with some eerie decorations around the island where the game battles take place. There are also some new skins available to players, such as The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes and Frankenstein, a monster created in everyone’s favorite lab.

Apex Legends-Inner Monster

In addition to special Halloween costumes for characters like Bloodhound and already creepy revenants, Apex Legend also features a repeater game type called Shadow Royale. In this mode, dead players can return as ghosts and help their teammates from afar.

Rocket League-Haunted Hellos

Developer Psyonix has always grown big with Halloween products, and this year is no exception. However, this year’s Haunted Hallows event will focus on Batman, the Crusaders in everyone’s favorite hats, rather than distorting the creepy stuff. The big attraction is that you can unlock both 1989 and 2016 versions of Batmobile, but there’s also a new Gotham City Rumble mode that puts the rumble game type straight into the world of Batman.

Rainbow Six Siege-Doctor’s Curse

Everyone who plays Rainbow Six Siege loves the annual Doktor’s Curse event, so it’s not surprising to see Ubisoft bring it back for another year. With an eerie twist on the proven Rainbow Six Siege formula, players walk through the famous Doktor castle and mutated operators fight to destroy twisted creatures. As the mode tagline says, “When the doctor leaves, the monster will play.”

Overwatch – Halloween horror

Overwatch’s annual Halloween Teller event is a perennial part of the seasonal series since 2016, reviving Junkenstein’s revenge with new challenge missions for players to overcome. For fans looking for loot, there are plenty of weekly challenges to offer icons, sprays, icons and even some epic skins. You can also get a root box with cosmetics and gear from previous Halloween Terror events.

Destiny 2 – Lost Festival

The lost festival is back! Once again, wear a mask to collect candies throughout the universe and dive into the ghost version of the lost sector of the game to defeat headless enemies. Like headless horsemen, they sport Jack O Lanterns on their shoulders, so let’s go for those headshots!

Destiny 2

Call of Duty: War Zone-Haunting

If you’re looking for a game mode that switches everything you’d expect from a game, check out Warzone’s second annual Halloween event. Haunting is a fun twist on Warzone’s Infection game mode. Players turn into ghosts after they die, gaining special powers that can be unleashed on unsuspecting (and still alive) fellow players. There is even a horror meter that gives you a good horror once filled!

No Man’s Sky-Emergence

Giant Worm: It’s so hot right now! No Man Sky has actually added giant centipede-like Titan worms to the game in this year’s update, but at the Emergency event, players can tame and ride them, and of course from the little baby worms. You can grow it yourself. In addition, you can get a special worm mask that is audibly creepy.