Legendary road of Tap Sports Baseball

Legendary road of Tap Sports Baseball

The birth of “Tap Sports Baseball” actually shouldered the significance of opening up the market at the beginning. In 2008, Glu, who just emerged from the merger storm with Wandai, launched its own singer in the field of home computer hardware, Dreamcast (DC). Although all their hopes are pinned on this host, the market situation of DC was not good in its early days. Glu urgently needed a good enough work to fill the game lineup and open up new markets. That’s when they thought of Visual Concepts, which had developed many sports games before.

As soon as the two sides hit it off, they decided to enter the field of baseball games still belonging to the Blue Sea. Thus, in November 2008, the early generation of Baseball game was born. At that time, EA‘s “Baseball” series had launched a number of works, which had a strong appeal in the market. It was not easy for the “Tap Sports Baseball” series to defeat its competitors.

However, the first generation of “Tap Sports Baseball” did perform well. As soon as the game came into the market, it won the unanimous praise of the players with excellent pictures, simulated players’ movements and perfect playing methods, and got the high praise of IGN 9.2 points. In order to confront the series of “Baseball Live”, Tap Sports Baseball also adopted the rhythm of one year, and began its journey on the road of “New Year’s Goods”.

Over the next five years, under Glu’s banner, plublisher has developed five sequels to the series “Tap Sports Baseball”. This series continuously improves the picture effect, optimizes the action display, successively adds online content and arcade mode, and gradually becomes the most famous baseball game series in the world. In 2018, Glu took action to change the baseball game name to MLB Tap Sports Baseball, and restructured to form a brand new integrated game company, Glu MLB Games, which is now well-known.

With the full support of Glu Games, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 optimized the operation experience. In order to ensure that every movement of players can be smooth and natural, there is a huge basic action library in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Cheats, which improves the authenticity and operability of the cheating system. Since then, the series has joined the business model, optimized the career model, increased the weekly Baseball All-Star competition, and further improved the movement, body shape and authenticity of players in the game. Today, the MLB Tap Sports Baseball series has become the world’s best baseball game, and its competitor has long been left behind.