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Discover the most astonishing tips in Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is a stunning simulation fishing game. On the basis of traditional fishing management, the game also adds super maps and many interactive elements. Although the current version has some optimization problems, it can not hide its huge potential in the mobile market.

In terms of gaming operation, Fishing Clash supports touch operation, which is much more convenient than the rocker. And in order to adapt to the user’s habits of mobile platform, it uses semi-automatic system, which can realize semi-automatic collection, logging and fishing. Players only need to press a button for a long time in the vicinity of resources to automatically perform related operations, which solves the problem that the mobile screen is too small and easy to mistakenly touch. In the later stage of the game, players do not need to focus much on repetitive work.

Starting tutorial tasks can quickly acquire fishing tools, and then try to sort out the manor and reclaim the first fishing land. The task system in the upper right corner of the screen will guide the players to visit the fishing center. Similar to other fishing simulation games, some operations of purchasing commodities and strengthening fishing tools need to be carried out in the fishing center. Because of too many buildings and complicated routes, besides giving route hints, the game also provides a series of delegated tasks to guide players to familiarize themselves with the location of each fishing location.

fishing clash

Task system is a very critical setting in Fishing Clash game. It can show the plot and make the player more targeted. Delegation mainly includes two kinds of tasks: main line task and NPC task. The initial stage of the main task can help players to familiarize themselves with maps and acquire a large number of basic resources, so that they can experience the pleasure of fishing everywhere. Medium-term tasks require players to accumulate a lot of resources, the main purpose is to repair damaged fishing gears. Players can get more abundant basic resources. Daily tasks are designed to reward players with high activity, complete fixed tasks every day, and get mysterious gifts on weekends.

When fishing resources accumulate to a certain amount, you can use the order system to sell goods, which is a bit like the airport delivery system in Dream Town. It effectively prevents excessive resources and also brings channels for players to earn pearls. At the beginning of the game, there will be a “town truck” in the player’s fishing location, which will provide orders from time to time and exchange the corresponding resources for peals, but the delivery of order trucks will take a period of time to come back, which is calculated according to the actual time. If you want to shorten the waiting time, you can use Fishing Clash Hack. Many players have confirmed that this tool works for iOS and Android devices!

When players reach level 50, the game will unlock the rare fishing field. This fishing place obtain rare fishes. However, there is no stratification in the game, but “a ditch in the beginning, can be excavated on all sides”, with random rewards. The depth counter of the fishing resource will count the number of meters the player has fished, and when it reaches a certain number of meters, you can unlock a higher level reward. Almost all operations, including pulling, require physical effort. There’s nothing unusual about physical setting, but it is very easy to restore your HP. The game set that drinking milk can restore physical strength. Every day when players go out, there will be a bottle of milk at the door. So be sure to take it with your fishing adventure!

All in all, Fishing Clash is a highly completed game. It does not break away from the core of the fishing simulation game. It also integrates many ways of playing, which can make players indulge in it. Although there are some optimization problems, it is good enough to compare with other fishing simulation games on the mobile side.

Last Shelter Survival Reviews : more than a strategic game

Many of you must have played survival game before. Today, we will talk about Last Shelter Survival mobile version. This game looks simple and easy to most players. But with the deepening of the experience, you will be more attracted by this innovative tactical work! First of all, the picture of the game is in front of us. There is no denying that the game model is more sophisticated. In the field of vision of the city map, players can have a full view of the main city buildings, plants and so on, and even blocks of stone on the road are clearly visible. In addition, woodland, farmland and mineral resources also have the appearance corresponding to the type and grade.

Close to the reality of the screen design, can indeed multiply the authenticity of the game. However, the interpretation of authenticity in the Strategic Edition of Last Shelter is more embodied in the level of playing mechanism. Based on the original “free march” mechanism and the classical “ready to fight” method, this work extends the confrontation of strategy and strategy to the marching level.

As for the enemy forces directly approaching our main city, we can deploy troops to intercept them along their route. In the course of the expedition, we can adjust our army’s route in real time according to the enemy’s position, and realize diversified tactics such as luring the enemy deep and circuitous. Particularly worth mentioning is that in the coalition warfare in which many people participate and a large number of troops invest, the cooperation between players can better realize the tactics and the interweaving of multi-war events is enough to upgrade small-scale warfare to large-scale warfare.

Compared with the rule of one-way return in the same kind of mobile game, the Last Shelter Survival brings more vivid experience of ancient warfare to the players by restoring the real marching situation in the battlefield. At the same time, in the rapidly changing confrontation, we can also put our understanding of tactics and control of time into practice, so as to enjoy the art of command.

At the same time, Last Shelter Survival game also pioneered terrain antagonism. Valleys, trestles, ports and other terrain can play a role of barriers in the game, combined with the free March mechanism we mentioned earlier, when you and the strength of the opponents are equally difficult to win or lose, maybe according to local conditions to take ambush, bypass raids and other tactics, you can reap unexpected results. Therefore, the abstract concept of terrain in SLG has become a strategic factor that players can not ignore. And these are the same kind of mobile game is difficult to present at present.

It is worth mentioning that each military general has the appropriate type of military, dispatching the right general to lead the right kind of military, often can achieve remarkable results in the battlefield. Previously, the author learned through reconnaissance that there were three soldiers and 2400 archers stationed in a resource area. According to the relationship between the shield and the bow, I dispatched two soldiers and 800 shield soldiers to conscript. Although the number of troops was very different, they won the battle in the end. What’s more excited is that you can use Last Shelter Survival Cheats to get soldiers any time if you want!

In addition, the introduction of the suitability of military generals has reversed the unreasonable situation of high-ranking generals hanging low-ranking generals. Regarding the fitness of cavalry alone, the four-star generals given by the system are Guan Ping-suitability, while the five-star generals Zhou Yu-suitability is B. If they are similar in rank and carrying tactics, Zhou Yu will be at a relative disadvantage.

It has to be said that the strong restraint relationship and the adaptability system of military generals in this work not only greatly enhance the depth of the game’s strategy, but also closer to the authenticity of the ancient battlefield, making the game more playable and interesting. In addition, it can not be ignored that to some extent, it also weakens the disparity brought about by the quality of generals, and consolidates the decisive role of strategic ability in the victory or defeat of the battle.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – a hard core rules playing mobile game

The life cycle of mobile game is often abhorrently short. Many of the popular pop-up games may lose most of their heat in a few weeks or even a few days. It’s hard to see the luxuriant mobile games like Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This year, the IP of Harry Potter even shows stronger vitality. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery’s drawing is in line with the movie and is also quite exquisite and aesthetic, and its playing method is different from the current major popular RPG games. It is not simply “you shoot one, I shoot one”, but adopts a new original rules of play, for the collection magic game, a small area belt. There’s a different vibrancy.

For the old players who like “Harry Potter”, many of the settings in “Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery” will give you a very intimate sense of familiarity. This mobile mode is in the form of Style 4V4. Each player has 30 life points. It can be strengthened or attacked with the exclusive cards of all kinds of gods on the court. If the physical strength of your character is reduced to zero, it will be in a state of extinction in three rounds, and its exclusive character can not be used. If the player’s life value is attacked to zero or his hand is exhausted, he will lose the game directly.

The difficulties of playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery lie in the construction of the Team formation, the priority of attack, and the choice of the upgrade of the characters. In this test, how to select four of the useful magic card and match them with a strong card group becomes the first barrier for each player. These fifteen deities can be roughly divided into meat shield, control, output and assistance. Even if they are the same type of functions, there are also very obvious differences. For example, the two flesh shield formation, Magic Boy and Terracotta Warriors. The former protects themselves through BUFF and special skills, while the latter protects themselves by stacking armor.

Although there are many choices of character formation construction, for the first time contact with “Harry Potter” IP, or for players who have never known RPG game, they may feel confused. And the effect mechanism of each magic card is also different. Even if the two sides are high-ranking players resident in the ladder, sometimes it is inevitable to confuse the triggering conditions of some cards. Because the introduction of the game is more difficult, it may hinder some light players who like to draw or plot the game. However, unlike the last time, this game added a “word-by-word introduction” novice trial to help players become more familiar. Some players are lacking energy after they fighting with other opponents. At this moment, we suggest you make use of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats to refill some for your game characters.


If you understand the structure of the deck, you still need to think twice before you fight your opponent. In each round, the two warring sides have two chances to use ghost magic to launch attacks (lay out defense). Secondly, according to the situation of the field and magic wind, they should rationally upgrade the number of magic energy and use more powerful magic to fight against the enemy. There are two ways to get magic energy point, one is to open the secret volume by getting the ticket, the other is to buy the game currency. Game currency can be acquired through four channels: activities, daily tasks, secret information scrolls and weird talk study clubs. Even if you don’t buy a card bag with krypton gold, you can accumulate it slowly through many rewards in the game.

In these four ways, both the secret picture book and the strange talk workshop are PVE battles, but there are many differences between them. The former is the plot mode of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, which is presented to the players in the form of pictorial dialogue, and can compete with the magic in the game for PVE energy. The latter is similar to most RPG games in the arena mode, requiring 6000 gold tickets to open the battle, but random opponents are AI, and the overall difficulty is relatively low, it is easy to win more games, to earn gold coins and secret volume awards, is a good place for recreation time.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has exquisite and aesthetic character drawing, as well as relatively hard core rules of play. The PVE model secret story scroll also has a new story parallel to the world outlook of Harry Potter. If you are a very fond of “Harry Potter” and are interested in RPG games, “Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game” will bring you excellent enjoyment from both visual and auditory aspects.

MARVEL Future Fight game play system is far beyond expectations

The depth of MARVEL Future Fight game play system is far beyond my expectations. On the one hand, it inherits the most fascinating elements of the marvel series; on the other hand, it subverts the routine of the former, making the process of play more variable and surprising.

Strict physical constraints are the key to maintaining a difficult battle experience in marvel games, but MARVEL Future Fight has fundamentally overturned all this. This game has no physical limitations at all. Both sides of the game can continue to attack, roll or defend with impunity. The game is used to replace the core position of the physical trough, which is a new “posture” system. Its operation principle is somewhat like the “vertigo trough” in the new “God of War”. As long as the enemy’s posture trough is accumulated, it can be executed directly, whether the other party is ordinary monsters or closed BOSS. Conversely, if the player’s stand value is full, it will fall to the ground directly and show a huge flaw – which is undoubtedly fatal when it is in a circle with a powerful enemy.

Compared with the shelf potential value, the importance of life value in MARVEL Future Fight is even in the second place. For BOSS and elite geeks, even if they are emptied, they will not die immediately, because they can only be executed when their shelves are full. The main effect of blood volume is actually to affect the recovery rate of character posture: the higher the residual blood volume, the faster the recovery, and vice versa, the slower the recovery. To be fair, life value is actually a relatively rigid quantitative index, and the residual blood volume comparison between the enemy and ourselves directly reflects the direction of the war situation to a large extent. The design of stand value has brought me the most obvious experience improvement, which is to break the original stable rhythm – you have more chances to fight back when you are in the limelight, and there is greater risk of inadvertent inadequacy when you are in excellent condition and have sufficient resources. MARVEL Future Fight brings me more variables and dramatic effects than any previous marvel game.

future fight game play

Compared with previous works, MARVEL Future Fight has become more flexible in action. On the one hand, the protagonist can jump directly in the longitudinal direction and climb up the lower wall. On the other hand, the rope hook allows you to shuttle and walk directly between buildings. This makes checkpoints and maps more three-dimensional, more exploratory and more open. The stealth system is therefore more appropriate: you can skillfully avoid the enemy and reach the target through the eaves; you can also stealth back stabbing or falling attacks to directly solve the ordinary enemy. In combat scenarios, players can also take very flexible evasive actions by jumping and hooking, or capture the commanding heights flexibly and quickly, thus gaining tactical advantage.

What is more important,you can resurrect immediately after the first death and return half of your blood to fight. Considering that the enemy will immediately relax its vigilance and walk away after “killing” you, you can even use your “death” to plan a clever sneak attack. At first glance, this seems to dramatically reduce the difficulty of the game, but it is important to note that the game’s elite and BOSS have the same resurrection ability as you do – so, whether the difficulty of the game is really reduced, it is not easy to say. But we can sure that you can make the game play more easily with MARVEL Future Fight Cheats.

From the experience of play, I think this mechanism makes the fighting rhythm clearer and clearer, and greatly enriches the original single meaning of “death”. For example, when I first fell down, I could decide whether it was necessary to continue the challenge based on my current state and the amount of remaining resources; in the BOSS war, every dead node meant a phase change, and the players could adjust their action mode and state in a planned way.

Legendary road of Tap Sports Baseball

The birth of “Tap Sports Baseball” actually shouldered the significance of opening up the market at the beginning. In 2008, Glu, who just emerged from the merger storm with Wandai, launched its own singer in the field of home computer hardware, Dreamcast (DC). Although all their hopes are pinned on this host, the market situation of DC was not good in its early days. Glu urgently needed a good enough work to fill the game lineup and open up new markets. That’s when they thought of Visual Concepts, which had developed many sports games before.

As soon as the two sides hit it off, they decided to enter the field of baseball games still belonging to the Blue Sea. Thus, in November 2008, the early generation of Baseball game was born. At that time, EA‘s “Baseball” series had launched a number of works, which had a strong appeal in the market. It was not easy for the “Tap Sports Baseball” series to defeat its competitors.

However, the first generation of “Tap Sports Baseball” did perform well. As soon as the game came into the market, it won the unanimous praise of the players with excellent pictures, simulated players’ movements and perfect playing methods, and got the high praise of IGN 9.2 points. In order to confront the series of “Baseball Live”, Tap Sports Baseball also adopted the rhythm of one year, and began its journey on the road of “New Year’s Goods”.

Over the next five years, under Glu’s banner, plublisher has developed five sequels to the series “Tap Sports Baseball”. This series continuously improves the picture effect, optimizes the action display, successively adds online content and arcade mode, and gradually becomes the most famous baseball game series in the world. In 2018, Glu took action to change the baseball game name to MLB Tap Sports Baseball, and restructured to form a brand new integrated game company, Glu MLB Games, which is now well-known.

With the full support of Glu Games, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 optimized the operation experience. In order to ensure that every movement of players can be smooth and natural, there is a huge basic action library in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Cheats, which improves the authenticity and operability of the cheating system. Since then, the series has joined the business model, optimized the career model, increased the weekly Baseball All-Star competition, and further improved the movement, body shape and authenticity of players in the game. Today, the MLB Tap Sports Baseball series has become the world’s best baseball game, and its competitor has long been left behind.

Why there are concern exists in Dream League Soccer

Athough dream league soccer series make great success in the new season, there are still concern points in this game. Dream League Soccer 19 faces more challenges. As many media analysts have said, the timing of the trailer and E3 press conference has obviously been carefully considered by B. Rob James, a game commentator at VICE, said, “Given the number of big debuts in 2018, it’s hard to avoid doubting that there’s a utilitarian factor behind the publisher’s actions, but its excellent showcase clips make people seldom notice this.

dream soccer 19 showcase

If you look at it this way, Dream League Soccer 19 doesn’t feel so good. Although in the trailer, the publisher changed its past careless style and hired a professional video production team, the details it displayed were far from perfect – this was mainly reflected in the modeling and mapping of the characters, although some people speculated that the effect of the slight “cartoon” was just a style, or to bow deeply to some works – however, to the nitpicking pictures. For the Party, Dream League Soccer 2019 Hack still can’t meet their expectations.

The most obvious example is the protagonist and dog in the trailer, which not only looks like a rubber doll in the near future, but also acts very carelessly, which will become a stain on Dream League Soccer game. More importantly, with the passage of time, the player is eager to see, is not a pure “good-looking” or “fun” work, but hope that its plot twists and turns, the world is grand, rich in depth. For B, these all mean real challenges.

Two years have passed since the publication of Dream League Soccer 2017. During this period, the level of the open world has reached a new level: it is not only reflected in the maps of hundreds of kilometers, but also in the cities, villages, natural landscapes, NPC walking among them, and of course, the stories above. For Dream League Soccer 2019, this is obviously not good news, after all, it is too late to go public – and the players have improved their aesthetic level. Among all the rivals, there are Dark Devil and Dragon Teng: Trial in 2014, Wizard 3 and Andromeda, which are shaking the dominance of First Touch Games Ltd.